Wedding Videographer at The Ravenswood West Sussex

The Gardens at The Raveswood West Sussex

The Ravenswood West Sussex Wedding of Nick & Ishka was the prefect day! A great get away from it all type venue in an amazing location. Surrounded by their Family and close friends, Nick & Ishka did not hide the joy they

experienced in finally being able to tie the knot. They were looking for a Videographer for their Ravenswood Wedding in West Sussex back in November 2021 and we chatted on zoom and they told me a little about their unique story and how they had met at work and how their romance blossomed and then suddenly they found themselves in Lockdown during covid.

The Ravenswood West Sussex Wedding

West Sussex is a beautiful part of the country and The Ravenswood a unique Wedding Venue. It has old charm and character and the perfect wedding venue for those looking for something with History and elegance. As a Wedding Videographer at The Ravenswood West Sussex,  I could not help but capture some of the unique character and History of the venue. You can see that in Nick & Ishka’s wedding video trailer above.

The  Ravenswood was constructed in part during the reign of Henry VI in the year 1426, however, of the original structure little remains and what does, is now confined mainly to the core of the present building, which the majority of, was erected during the mid and latter years of Queen Victoria.

The estate was previously owned by Thomas Comberhatch, a Sussex Yeoman, who had commissioned the house, as a place of residence for the bailiff of his estate. The name ‘Baylewikce’ is probably a perversion of the modern day ‘Bailiwick’ which refers to the territory of a bailiff. Then it may have also applied to the home of one.

I get to film wedding all over the UK and Abroad and to me as a Wedding Videographer, and wherever I find myself,  I am always keen to pay close attention to the venue the couple have chosen as this was no doubt a big decision on the part of the couple and they would have spent time choosing the perfect wedding venue to celebrate their wedding.

The Beautiful Gardens

Wedding Videographer at The Ravenswood West Sussex

The Gardens at The Raveswood West Sussex

While I was very impressed with the fit and fixtures of the ravens wood in West Sussex, I was equally impressed with the beautiful gardens and lake. There were some lovely places that served as a beautiful backdrop to Nick & Ishka’ Wedding Video at the Ravenswood. There was a particular little boat house that we explored and I go a couple of great shots of them in there, which you can see in their wedding video.

He tells their story so well..

Nick had decided to tell their story and he does it so very eloquently in this short trailer of their wedding film. Like so many couple planning a wedding during the pandemic, nick describes some of the unique challenges they faced, he explains how they not only overcome them but how in actually fact some of those challenges had the effect of strengthening their relationship.

Wedding being filmed at The Ravenswood West Susses

Group shots

Looking  for  a Ravenswood West Sussex Wedding Videographer for your Wedding?

This is certainly a venue I would love to film at again, full of character and no end of amazing places and location to take a couple, which always helps! If you have chosen The Ravenswood West Sussex for your wedding, congrats

and if you are thinking of a nvideographer to help capture your wedding day then I would love to hear from you and perhaps we can talk about how I can capture your special day at The Ravenswood West Sussex.

It was a pleasure to capture Nick & Ishka’s special day and tell their unique story. It was also great working with Photographer Michaelangelo Siracusa. We made a great team and worked well together.

The Ravenswood West Sussex Wedding Video

If you are getting married at the Ravenswood in West Sussex and looking for a videographer, then check out Nick & Ishka’s wedding video and please get in touch and


Film –  Julian Voigt Films



Cake by- Harry Batten-

Flowers by- Zara

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