Why get married in Manchester?

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The Manchester of my childhood…

Manchester of the mid- 19th century wanted to show the world that is was more than just a skyline of chimneys referencing it’s industrial heart but also show that is it also very much a City of Arts & Culture. For me growing up in south

Manchester in the 1970 & 80’s was a truly culturally diverse experience. Just a mile from my home was the famous ‘Curry Mile’ home to some of the best South Asian cuisine outside of India & Pakistan. Platt fields park just opposite St.Ives road where I grew up

holds many a fond memory of summer festivals and reggae bands pulsating till the early evening. Ham sandwhiches with piccalilli washed down with ginger beer while listening to Bob Marley covers in the park take me back to a happy time where days lasted forever and we seemed to get scorching hot summers-  yes even in Manchester! Manchester very much has a musical pedigree from Oasis to Take That, The Hollies and even the Bee Gees all had their start amongst the red brick streets and grey skies of Manchester. Two of the best Football Clubs in the World hail from this damp City-  Manchester United and Manchester City-  being on the blue side of Manchester I remember many a wet Saturday afternoon in the Kippax stand with my mate Alan clutching a free bottle of Milk that we were handed as we moved through the turnstiles. In those days Man City were mostly in the shadow of their rich and glorious neighbours – the ‘Red Devils’- how the tides have turned!

It’s Media Pedigree...

Manchester has always had a rich Television history- who has not heard of Coronation Street? Now that the BBC have moved from London to Manchester and we have the new Media City no doubt it’s media prowess will grow. I find as a Wedding Videographer Filming in Manchester there is no shortage of imagery and icons with which to give a nod to the home of the couple who’s wedding I film in and around this City of Culture. In fact, setting up a camera and tripod in the City centre of Manchester is hardly greeted with a sideways look by most passers by as cameras are everywhere in this great City as are bands singing there hearts out.

Oh yes and the food…

Apart from the Bands, TV and some famous Art Galleries Manchester can rightly be called a City of culture for its many and diverse cultures, which leads me to one of my favourite things about Manchester that I love – the food!  Yes you can get it all here! West Indian- to Pakistani- Vietnamese to Chinese, Ethiopian to Kosher deli’s and restaurants, I have always thought of Manchester as a mini New York- you just can’t help take a bite.

Getting Married in Manchester?

When ever I get the opportunity to film a wedding here I know that finding great ‘B’ roll to establish the film as a ‘Manchester Wedding’ will not be difficult, in fact, I have to be careful not to make the wedding film all-out Manchester and of course more about the Bride & Groom. Looking for a Manchester Wedding Videographer? Look no further than Julian Voigt Wedding Films

Manchester Wedding Videography

Here’s a Wedding Video that we produced for a lovely couple last summer- Kris & Jenna at the iconic Victoria Warehouse. This wedding video captures that raw suburban industrial vibe:

If you are looking for a wedding venue that’s a little bit different then check out Victoria Warehouse:  www.victoriawarehouse.com

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