The Pursuit for the Perfect Wedding Venue in Manchester UK

manchester town hall wedding venue

The cornerstone of a spectacular wedding is indeed the venue of your dreams. After your wedding date has been fixed, the very next step is to select the perfect venue for your big day. It will not be wise to randomly choose anything based on someone’s suggestion. In addition to that, there is no need to get inspired by a fancy Instagram post that is only rich in filters and does not go along with your imagination.

The Quest for a Perfect Wedding Venue

Before you head in the outside world to look for wedding venues, make sure that you are clear about the kind of setting you to want to have and how much you would like to spend on it.

Wedding Venue Selection

This phase includes the very initial stages of thinking and organizing your cluster of thoughts about you desired wedding venue.  

Here’s what you are supposed to do:

  • Define a Budget
  • Select your Wedding Clan
  • Define a Style
  • Types of cuisine
  • Would it be a fairytale wedding or a traditional one?

After that you have decided all this you can start your search for a wedding venue. Who knows one of them might be just what you had always dreamed of!

Take a look!

Town Hall Manchester

Location:  Albert Square, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M2 5DB

For those of you who have always wanted a grand lavish wedding should book Town Hall Manchester right now!

This place is an ideal wedding venue in Manchester known for its exquisite ambience. Not only this, it is located in the centre of the city with state of the art design and magnificent architecture.

Sheridan Suite

Location: 371 Oldham road Manchester M40 8RR

In case you intend to plan a grand party then Sheridan suite is your place to be.

This place offers both in-house and outdoor catering. The best part is that the event planners here have expertise in arranging English, Asian and Jewish Weddings so they know how to undergo preparations for different cultures.

Midland Hotel

Location: 16 Peter St, Manchester M60 2DS

Many of you might not be fond of spending thousands on one single event. If that’s the case, look no further!

All those People who aspire to create an intimate affair with only close friends and family around; the Midland hotel provides a warm and courteous suite that has enough space for all your guests. Along with that, people who are on a budget should keep Midland hotel in their list of cheap but superb wedding venues in Manchester.

The Lowry Art and Entertainment

This unique and enthralling wedding venue is indeed a paradise for people who want to go for a sophisticated wedding event.  

Known for its unmatched hospitality, this place has some of best catering services one could ask for. This place is quite suitable for those how do not admire fancy chandeliers or expensive decors.

Wait, there’s more: All the party animals can rock on the dance floor and later enjoy the scrumptious cuisines.

Final Thoughts

The fact is planning a wedding itself is a huge work. During this phase of your life, you cannot just go by the book and be at peace with yourself. You have to make sure that every single task in your checklist is completed way ahead of time. Not to mention the items that you forgot to mention on the list. To learn more about a quality wedding film go to Manchester Wedding Videography

If you got lucky and found the wedding venue in Manchester you were looking for then congratulations, one half of your wedding fiasco is sorted out. Rest assured the other half will be completed without any hurdles as well if you not only make a pre-preparation sketch but also have a plan B, in case things go out of hand.