‘Less Cheese and More Sauce’


Creating a Truly Unique Film

We offer various Wedding Film packages to suit all needs and budgets; for example some people are just looking for a Highlight Wedding Film to capture the essence of their Big Day while other couples want a more feature length Wedding film will full professional audio coverage of the ceremony and speeches- Julian Voigt Wedding Films strive to make each and every film we create a truly unique film to that couple- we don’t believe in ‘off the peg’ films and we are always looking for creative ways to tell the couple’s ‘story’ and to make sure that our wedding films don’t become formulaic.

Not just the usual Wedding Video

No doubt we have all sat through boring wedding films that follow a set formula – those films usually go something like this;

The opening shot shows the groom usually with his best man or ushers waiting anxiously for the arrival of his bride, cut to a scene of the guests arriving and that can go on for a while because some videographers mistakenly think that every single guest should be shown in the finished film. Next, cut to more scenes of the anxious groom looking awkward not knowing what to do to with himself. After that there are usually the shots of children playing or running around until finally – you guessed it, the Bridal cars arrive and here are the Bride’s Maids. Next the video usually cuts to more shots of the anxious groom now looking a little more relieved at the imminent arrival of his Bride. Cut to a scene of the Bride arriving in the Bridal car and next the Bride wrestling  with her dress in an effort to exit the car elegantly all of which the Videographer captures on film (eek) The the Bride, once composed,  links her father’s arm and the scene cuts to her walking down the isle and I am sure you can predict the rest of the film ;)

A more Creative Way of Documenting the Day

Now, I am not saying that a good wedding film maker shouldn’t look to capture those type of shots but what I am saying is, he should document the day a little more creatively. If you watch any of my films you will often see that,  first of all no two wedding films are the same and my films do not follow a strict chronological order- for example they may start with the groom not dressed in his groom’s attire but rather looking straight at the camera totally unaware that the camera is on and that he is being filmed. I will often do this to capture a genuine candid moment that is not staged. This is one reason I work with small cameras because I like to film people when they are not aware that they are being filmed. To see an example of this have a look at Kris & Jenna’s  one minute Wedding Highlight Film here:

Manchester Wedding Film 1 minute from Julian Voigt on Vimeo.

It’s the little things that Capture the Emotion

What happened here was I had arranged to Meet Kris (the groom) on the morning of his wedding at around 9am at Victoria Warehouse in Manchester to talk about the video were going create. I got him to sit on a chair with my camera set up on a tripod facing him talking about where I was planning a future shot;  but just before we started filming (for real) unbeknown to Kris I hit the record button and captured just a brief moment that in the finished wedding film in a mere 3 second clip but it adds a whole different dimension and ‘real’ feel to the film. I believe that capturing moments like these will tell the real story of the Bride & Groom’s big day.

So, I often tell the couples who are asking me about the sort of wedding films I create-  it’s ‘less cheese (formulaic) and more sauce (real flavour)