Julian Voigt Wedding Films Beeston Manor

Beeston Manor the Location

Samantha & Paul’s Wedding at Beeston Manor in Hoghton near Preston was a particularly nice wedding to shoot. Paul & Samantha asked Julian Voigt Wedding Films to shoot their wedding and we made sure we arrived nice and early to shoot Bride prep. While the photographer was busy taking photo’s I headed outside to the grounds to get some establishing shots. It immediately struck me what a lovely location Beeston Manor is set in. Surrounded by fields and gentle slopping hills it has that ‘away from it all’ feel about it.

Early Autumn Day

The quietness around Beeston Manor is immediately refreshing. It was a lovely early Autumn day and the trees were just starting to change from green to that lovely autumn gold. I always try to get a real feel for the day, time of year and surroundings where the wedding is taking place and capture that in the Wedding Film because there is usually a very good reason the Bride & Groom decided to choose that particular location and also that particular time of year to get married.

Award Winning Wedding Venue

Beeston Manor I believe is family owned and they have won awards as a Wedding Venue 2017 & 2018. I think one reason this is a popular wedding venue is it’s ‘get away from it all feel.’ Set in such quiet and picturesque surroundings it an ideal place for the Bride & Groom to get immersed in their wedding. I found the staff very helpful as a videographer. Sometimes I find when it come to  Wedding Videography in Manchester you just have to get on with filming the wedding and picking up on when and where everything is taking place and often certain venues are so pre-occupied with Wedding (understandably) that if you ask a question or need some help in can be a challenge getting an answer- that wasn’t the case at Beeston Manor, I found their staff very friendly and helpful.

Typical British Weather

It looked like a very well organised operation- which when you are getting married is exactly what you want!  On the day we filmed Samantha & Paul’s Wedding the weather took a turn for the worse by mid afternoon and the photographer and myself were a little anxious about getting group shots etc. We in fact managed to dodge the showers and get what we needed but what really helped was being able to use the room the ceremony had taken place in as a make shift studio. The end result, well you can check that out here:

For anyone wishing to check out Beeston Manor as a Wedding venue you can check their website out here: www.beestonmanor.com/

Wedding Videography

Ofcourse if you are looking for Wedding Videography at Beeston Manor then look no further than Julian Voigt Wedding Films. Please be assured that we approach every wedding we do as a truly unique project and even though we may film a wedding at the same location more than once, no two wedding films will ever be the same.  Julian Voigt Wedding Films strive to create a truly unique wedding film with the essence of the couple running all the way through it, because as our motto say’s ‘It’s all about the emotions’ we focus on the unique experience of that couple and their loved ones. For more info about Julian Voigt Wedding Films visit: https://julianvoigtweddingfilms.co.uk