“…this moment, only a decade in the making.”

Amazing Wedding at the Albert Hall in Manchester.

Caroline & Toby’s story, as toby says during their vows was, “…only a decade in the making…”.  Having gone to the same school as children their lives had crossed path’s.  As Caroline says in her vows; “..if only we had realised earlier on, the chemistry between us, we could have done this sooner.”

Toby and Caroline you can see, are very much in love. The joy they expressed was clearly evident on their wedding day.  You’ll see in their Albert Hall Wedding Video linked below.

Toby & Caroline compliment each other so well;  Toby say’s,  Caroline gives him happiness and laughter, oh and some organisation skills.  Caroline say’s, that Toby is kind, thoughtful and funny, oh and exceptionally handsome!

The fact they wanted to share these personal expression before all their loved ones gathered for their wedding at the Albert hall,  is testimony itself to the love they have for one another.

For me, capturing their unique story in a wedding video, well it just reminds me that I have the best job in the world!

As an Albert Hall Wedding Videographer, I wanted to share this unique story.

Why the Albert Hall for their Wedding?

Caroline and Toby love Manchester and they wanted an urban wedding right in the heart of the City. They couldn’t have chosen a more iconic venue than the Albert Hall on St Peters street in Manchester. This wasn’t my first time filming a Wedding at the Albert Hall,  in fact I was there a year ago.

When Caroline and Toby told me that they had chosen the Albert Hall as their wedding venue, I was super excited to be returning. It has to be said, the Albert Hall Manchester, is one of the best venues in Manchester.

It is an amazing back drop for a wedding and yeh for a wedding video too.

This stylish, yet historic city wedding venue is a dream for a creative wedding videographer.

The Albert Hall in Manchester is a unique venue and unlike any I have ever filmed at before, and believe me I have filmed at a lot of wedding venues!

Couples looking a videographer often like to consider one that has perhaps filmed a wedding at their chosen venue. Hence as an Albert Hall Wedding Videographer,  wanted to share this epic wedding!

What is this wedding venue like?

The Albert Hall in Manchester is not simply wedding venue. Yes, they host a number of weddings there each year, but they also host concerts, and musical artists from so many genres. You can read all about that here: https://www.alberthallmanchester.com/events/

Having been carefully restored to its grand and majestic baroque glory in 2012, the Grade II listed  Albert Hall in Manchester,  is undoubtedly one of the city’s greatest cultural treasures.

After hosting an intimate wedding in 2013, it has since turned its hand to hosting unique and individualistic weddings, for couples who are looking for something a little different.

The words that comes to mind for me are, spacious, charming, urban and historic.  With its unique original features intact, you are guaranteed a unique canvass on which to paint and plan your wedding.

Albert Hall began life at the turn of the 19th century as a Wesleyan Chapel. However, it now stands proudly in the centre of the city as a refuge for happy couples and concert goers.

Albert Hall Wedding Videographer- Julian Voigt

As a born and bred Manchester lad, Manchester continues to be my favourite city to film weddings. I get to film wedding all up and down the UK, from the highlands of Scotland to the West Sussex. Even over to Ireland occasionally as well as weddings abroad a couple of times a year.

However, when I book a wedding in my city Manchester, I am never happier. When I hear that it’s the Albert Hall Manchester, well that is just perfect for me! The bonus for me, is I also get home quicker :)

An Amazing Wedding day at the Albert Hall in Manchester

Caroline and Toby had worked hard planning their perfect wedding. Well I say Caroline and toby, though as toby admits in his speech,  the wedding was mostly planned by Caroline, and what a wedding she planned!

I always appreciate working with a great team on the wedding day,  and I have to say this team was great!

I worked alongside Katie Dervin aka ‘dervinator’- I’ll link her below.  It was great working alongside Katie,  as she has a great approach to wedding photography, a natural relaxed style, yet she manages the bring the best out in people, oh and here images are amazing, she has the ability to capture real moments full of emotion.

The Makeup done by Beth from BRWMAKEUPARTISTRY.COM got Caroline and the Bridesmaids ready and looking gorgeous in good time and helped perfect Caroline’s chosen look.

I will link Beth’s details below.

The flowers on Caroline’s wedding day were beautiful as I am sure you’ll see in the video, also the floral decorations that festooned the Albert Hall were amazing! That was thanks to the flower farm Lancashire.

Again I’ll link them below.

The live music was amazing by ‘The Live Notes,’ on that stage at the Albert Hall the performance was epic and they certainly kept the party going.

So, are You getting married at the Albert Hall? Looking for a videographer?

If you are getting married at the Albert Hall in Manchester and considering hiring a videographer, then please check out here Caroline & Toby’s trailer and see if I could be the right fit for you. I would certainly love to chat about your wedding at the Albert Hall Manchester.

Caroline & Toby’s Trailer

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Flowers: https://www.theflowerfarm.co.uk

Live Music: https://www.thelivenotes.co.uk

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