The advent of the 1 minute Wedding Film!

Sometimes a Short Clip can Say More.

[toc]Less can be more. Yes we create feature length Wedding Films -30 minutes and these films certainly document the day events well but I am a great believer in quality over quantity, let me explain. Sometimes couple ask for a 1 hour long wedding film and I explain that they really don’t want that. Why? To create an hour long Wedding Film would mean that most of the film would be boring! Modern Wedding Films are like movies in that the editing style requires clips of no  longer than 3-4 seconds in duration. This creates a film that is engaging to watch and holds the viewers interest.

Capturing a Moment

The next time you are watching a classic movie and you get to a part of the film where something is happening- the story is really beginning to unfold start to count the shot lengths, I bet you they won’t be any longer than 3 or 4 seconds sometimes if things are really happening maybe just 2 seconds in length! Now consider this;  to make a Hollywood Film that is about an hour and a half long how long do you think it takes to film? I’ll give you the answer it usually takes around 12 months. So, if it takes 12 months to film and edit a movie that will keep you engaged for the hour and a half that it runs how much footage can a videographer shooting a wedding capture in just 1 day! Yes you could keep the camera rolling and easily get an hours footage but the question is; would it be engaging to watch?? No!

Cinematic Wedding Films

Wedding Films have come a long way in the past 10 years and many can truly be described as ‘cinematic’ – that means that they are film like. So, to create a cinematic style wedding film quality is definitely more important than quantity. During a typical wedding day shoot I capture around 300 3-4 second clips which are edited together to create an engaging wedding film- I want the couple to tell me that couldn’t stop watching their wedding film, if i hear that I know I have done my job well.

In fact I have no started offering all my couple with my full feature package four different wedding films for them to keep;

  1. The full feature 30 minute Film   
  2. A Highlight 3-4 minute version for sharing on the internet
  3. An un-edited version of the ceremony & speeches and now
  4. A 1 minute version which is perfect for Instagram and other Social Media.

When I began creating the 1 minute version I was surprised just by how much you could actually fit into a 1 minute film-  yes you wouldn’t just want a 1 minute film of your wedding but as part of a larger package of films it fits in perfect and just goes to show that quality trumps quantity. Here is an example of a 1 minute Wedding Film taken from Kris & Jenna’s Wedding video in Manchester at Victoria Warehouse;

Manchester Wedding Film 1 minute from Julian Voigt on Vimeo.

So for all those who choose our Full Feature package for £995.00 you will get;  1. 30 minute feature film    2. Highlight version 3-4 minutes    3. Un-edited film of the ceremony & speeches  4. A 1 minute Instagram film, read more.