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North West Weddings

Having been born and bread in the North West of England I can honestly say the I love it and would not choose to live anywhere else. Being a Wedding Videographer in the North West I can honestly say that I get to film ant some of the nicest venues in the UK! Northerners are know for the friendly down to earth approach and this certainly helps when it comes to wedding.


North West Wedding Venues

Having filmed the majority of my weddings in and around this part of England this year I though I would write a series of Blogs  about the venues I have worked in around the North West and just mention one venue per Blog that way give you enough information about that particular venue in an effort to help couples getting married in the North West to find a venue that fits with what they are looking for. Remember this is only my humble opinion as a wedding videographer I am not an expert on wedding venues but certainly can give you an idea on what certain venues are like.


Knowsley Hall Prescot

This is a very grand wedding venues that well sort of reminds you of something ‘Pride & Prejudice like, if you follow me. I have filmed a couple of times there within the last 12 months and can’t help to be impressed with this venue.

Knowsley Hall is a stately home in  Knosley Merseyside. According to records since 1953 it has been designated a Grade II* listed building and is the ancestral home of the Stanley family, the Earls of Derby. The Building is surrounded by 2,500 acres (10 km2) of parkland. The hall is still owned by the Stanley family but is no longer a family home and instead used for functions such as corporate events, conferences and weddings. According to one father of the Brides speech during one of the weddings I filmed “one of the more expensive venues to get married at..” If you are looking for true English charm with History and you are not on a tight budget, then this place could be for you?  I filmed a Styled Shoot for Great Northern Wedding Venues here this year and they couldn’t have picked a nicer venue for the back drop-  you can see that short video here:


The Staff

Obviously this is from the perspective of a Wedding Videographer working at this venue so bare that in mind but these were my observations.  I found the stay both friendly and professional.  The were very much on the ball and as far as I could for the couples weddings who I filmed there and seemed to go very smoothly without any hitches.  I do remember making a special request to move the Speeches to a certain location so that we could get the best shooting angle and control the audio and even though this posed a few  challenges for the staff at Knowsley Hall I found that they were very accommodating and professional.


The Decor

In a word;  ‘Grand’ the beautiful furnishings and the valuable painting that festoon Knowsley Hall really does give you a sense of English History and culture and you wouldn’t be suprised to see Mr Darcy come working in at any moment. The grounds are impeccably kept and very beautiful and the shot I have feature here from Lara & Chris’ wedding has Knowley Hall as the backdrop and really makes this picture- talking of which here is the trailer from Laura & Chris’s wedding film:


In my next Blog I will talk about another Northwest Wedding Venue.


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