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Faizal & Farhannah’s Wedding

Cavendish Banqueting Hall, Edgware North London


When Faizal and Farhannah got in touch last year and asked if I was available to Film their Wedding in Edgware London with my good friend and photography partner Ryan Williams, I jumped at the chance.  The weekend of Faizal and Farhannah’s wedding according to weather forecasts for the London area was going to be a hot one and it certainly was! Northern greater London that day hit 25 degrees and for a Northern couple chappies like me and Ryan it was a pleasant suprise :)

If I had to some up Faizal & Farhannah’s Wedding how would I describe it?   I’d use words like, Vibrant, Colourful, Fun and emotion filled,  oh and with a touch of style thrown in!  Both the Bride and the Groom looked stunning as did their Wedding venue the Cavendish Banqueting Hall in Edgware,

I love filming Asian weddings because they are so colourful and joyous! In the Asian culture two people getting married and joining their lives together is a Big Deal and you really get a sense of that when you are documenting it on the day. Faizal & Farhannah did not hide their emotions and the joy they felt on their wedding day, as I think you can tell by watching their wedding film trailer just above,  it was there for all to witness.

For me as a Wedding Videographer I am always on the look out on the wedding day for emotions, because it those emotions felt not just by the couple but also by their family and close friends that makes their wedding so memorable. I want to capture that in a Wedding Film so the couple, their family and their close friends can re-live it with them.

I loved the fact that when Faizal arrived at the Wedding venue in Edgware and he got out of the car he and his groomsmen started dancing in the street, what an expression of joy and thankfulness for what was about to happen!  I had to include that in the wedding film!  Another thing I love about Asian weddings is the fact they are alway BIG- A typical English wedding may have 80-120 guests, this is quite normal, an Asian Wedding often were talking hundreds! These are occasions for the family, friends and the community to celebrate and you really do get a sense of that celebration of live at an Asian wedding and Faizal & Farhannah’s was a perfect example.


Working as a Team

I first heard about Faizal & Farhannah’s Wedding in London through my good friend and work partner Ryan Williams from RW Wedding Photography,

Ryan had received an enquiry from Faizal asking about wedding photography and video coverage. Because myself and Ryan work together offering couples a Photo/Video package for their wedding this was a great opportunity for us to not only film a Beautiful Asian Wedding but also

cover a London wedding which always makes thing that bit more interesting traveling a few hours outside my normal sphere of operation. London is a vibrant city that pulses with life and culture and it’s great to capture that in a Wedding Film.  The things that made this trip an easy one for myself was the fact that Faizal & Farhannah and the extended family were so hospitable. Not only was I provided with a comfortable Hotel just a few minutes away from the Cavendish Banqueting Hall but we were also well fed and cared for during the wedding day.  Myself and Ryan worked really well as a team making sure we knew where we were going and when we needed to be there, which when you are moving between multiple locations in a different city from the one you live is always important. What also helped was that the whole day had been well planned and organised hence ensuring that everything went really smoothly. Ryan was able to get the couple laughing during portrait shots in the park and those moments were beautifully captured both in photo and film.


The Bride loved Ryan!

Ryan has what I would describe as a winning personality that puts people at ease. He makes the couple feel comfortable in his presence and helps them relax which for a Bride can sometimes be a challenge especially when you have a camera pointed at you and you feel very much on show. Ryan had helped Farhannah feel quite relaxed as he took pictures and I felt I didn’t really need to add to that as I began filming so we definitely got the very best shots of the couple. In fact during the evenings dancing Farhannah invited Ryan to dance with her- now we are talking Asian style dancing not really in Ryan’s skill set- well so I thought- he burst into life much to the shock of those watching and you would think he was a natural! He did manage to get some laughs but it made great footage for me, again you can see that scene towards the end of their wedding film trailer :)


Frequently asked questions about my Wedding Videos are:


Q: How far do you travel?

A: I cover the whole of the UK and abroad

Q: How much do you charge?

A: The answer to that depends, are you looking for a Highlights Film of the day or a longer film with full coverage of the Ceremony and Speeches?  I keep things really simple with just two packages-  ‘Cinematic Short’ a 6-8 minute Highlights film or

my full feature package which consists of a longer 25-30 minute film. Both package come with full coverage of the Ceremony as a separate film and full coverage of the Speeches again as a separate film. I do offer extras but if you email me here I will send

you my pdf brochure with all my details.

Q: I notice you are based in the Northwest, do you charge more for a London Wedding?

A: My package prices are the same whether I am filming locally say in Manchester or a few hour away in London. The only extra I charge I make is £100 on top of my regular package price. The £100 covers fuel driving up to and back from London and money towards

a Premier in or Travel Lodge as I usually travel up the night before the wedding thus avoiding unnecessary travel on the wedding day?

Q: How do you Film your weddings?

A: In a word, discreetly! Yeh this to me is very important I keep my footprint at a wedding small and inconspicuous. People do not like to feel like their is a camera in their face or be directed to do things they might feel uncomfortable doing. I never ask a client to do some thing they

wouldn’t feel comfortable doing. My style is very much ‘Documentary’ in that I film what happens I don’t ever get a couple to act out any roles. I film with 2 small cameras all day thus capturing multiple angles. I film in Full Broadcast Quality 1080p HD and I colour grade my Film

for a Movie like look to them.

Q: How much noice do you need?

A: Well, that really depends on my Bookings schedule, as a rule most couples will book me at least 6 months before their wedding many at least a year before, so I do get booked up and I do limit my weddings to about 35 a year so I always suggest getting in touch sooner rather than later

that way I am likely to be available for your wedding. Having said that I have had couples get in touch just 10 weeks before a wedding and as it happened I was available so was able to cover their weddings ;)

Q: How long do you take to produce the Wedding Film  after after the Wedding Day?

A: I normally allow 8 weeks to produce a Cinematic Wedding Film. It’s not something that should ever be rushed and I prefer to take my time producing a film that truly expresses what the couple were all about and how their wedding unfolded on the day.

Q: Do you have client reviews we can read?

A: Yes, there are some on my website under the tab, ‘Kind Words’ or you can read all my 53 5 star reviews from couple and their families here:

Q: Do you have any Awards or Accreditations?

A: Yes, I was Awarded the ‘Best UK Wedding Videographer’ 2019 by the IWAA (International Wedding Awards Association)

I also was a Finalist for The Best UK Wedding Videographer with Guides for Brides;

I was also approved as a Official ‘Rock My Wedding Supplier’ in 2018



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