Why a Video/Photo team might be the better choice..



Often the way it usually works is like this;  the couple draw up a list of their ‘musts’ for the wedding day, the dress the venue, the food, the cake the photographer… you get the idea. Then, as the wedding day gets closer they might then say; “..Can we afford a Videographer?” Yes often the videographer is just above the chocolate fountain in terms of the Brides ‘must haves’ that’s because videography tends to come in and out of fashion. It was very much in fashion in the mid 1980’s and 1990’s but wedding videography from those decades was to be quite frank pretty awful! Lot’s of huge hulking great video cameras taking VHS tapes that produced poor quality images. The editing was also poor because studio professional editing software was not available to the jobbing videographer back then. Hence from those decades wedding videography had a bad reputation unlike photography.

Things have changed!

However fast forward thirty years or so and things are a lot different! With the Digital revolution industry level professional cameras and editing software are readily available to aspiring professional videographers and without having to sink a Kings ransom investment into them either. Hence ‘Wedding Films’ are growing in popularity again and Brides are looking for photo & video solutions that won’t break the bank because let’s face it hiring a quality photographer and quality videographer separately can be VERY expensive unless… you choose a photo/video package. Now in talking about a photo/video package I am not talking about a photographer that offers to record a few video clips for you from her photo camera or a videographer that offer to grab some still images from your video footage both of which would mean you would end up with either a poor quality video or some poor quality photo’s.  What I am actually talking about is a photographer/videographer team- yes a dedicated professional  photographer and a dedicated professional videographer both experts in their given fields.  We at Julian Voigt Wedding Films are pleased to announce that we are now working as a team with a professional photographer, one that we are confident in recommending to our clients looking for a video/photo option. What myself and the photographer I work with have come up with is a package that covers both a couple photo & video needs- and more importantly a price the couple can afford.

The TEAM you want!

Apart from the obvious advantage of saving money their is another VERY important advantage in choosing a photo/video team as opposed to hiring separate photographers and videographers and it’s this;  TEAM WORK.  A problem many photographers find when they are shooting a wedding is that the videographer is also chasing that same shot and can inadvertently get in the way- the same is true for the videographer he can end up looking through his video files to find the photographer is in more of the images than the Bride & Groom ;)  hence choosing a photographer and videographer that work well as a TEAM is vital to getting both stunning photographs and video.  Julian Voigt Wedding Films has been looking to TEAM up with a photographer for a while so as to be able to offer this advantage to our clients and we are now pleased to say we have that TEAM!


The Advantages

here are the advantages of a photo/video team:


  • Save Money- much more cost effective
  • Compliments one another and know each others shooting style and modus operandi
  • One booking- you don’t have to search for a photographer and then a videographer it’s all done ‘under one roof’ -so to speak
  • Emphasis on Photo or Video-  you choose;  you can get the photo’s you really want with a short highlight film to compliment them or get a film you really want with some photo’s added in.
  • Benefit each other- a photo/video team support each other hence you are more likely to get better photo’s and a better videos
  • Same style and feel- yes by choosing a photo/video team your photo’s will compliment your wedding film there will be a common story or theme to them
  • Simplicity!  Let’s face it planing a wedding can be daunting with a lot to plan and organise, by choosing a photo/video team it’s one less thing to have to think about.
  • 2 for the price of one-  yes you might find that you can actually get a photo/ video package for the same cost that you might pay for just a photographer alone!


If you re getting married and wondering about whether you can afford a videographer aswell as a photographer well we think now you can!  Get in touch to see how we give you both the photo’s and wedding film you deserve!  You only get married once!


If you would like to know more or would like to book a FREE consultation then please visit: https://julianvoigtweddingfilms.co.uk