When is a Wedding Video NOT a Wedding Video?

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A Truly Unique Film

Wedding Films should be like a Saville Row tailored suite- made to measure!  When I decided to start my Wedding Film business I knew that to stand out I had to do something different and for me

one of the first decisions I made was that I would produce wedding films that were not your formulaic wedding film. We have all sat through wedding videos (maybe our own) and been bored to tears. Often that is because the shots are predictable

and just like a million other wedding videos out there. I wanted to produce wedding films that would stand alone- in other words no two alike. OK, you are going to have elements in a wedding film that are like other wedding films after all many weddings follow

a formula- the dress- the walk down the aisle- the groom and his Ushers- the mother of the bride- the car- the cake you get the idea…

Be creative..

But a creative film maker should be able to look and include in his wedding films things that are unique to that couple. I achieve this by getting to know my couple BEFORE the wedding day. That can mean a home visit, Skype chats and emails back and forth. I want to try and get to know and bit about the people I am going to film – after all a wedding film is a very personal thing, often peoples emotions are laid bare and to me these are very precious moments in time to capture forever in a Wedding Video.


This testimonial for me was the moment I knew I was heading in the right direction because it said exactly  what I wanted to hear…

Paul & Chantal Dolphin  31-12-17

We can’t thank you enough Julian for the time and effort you have put into making our wedding video. We were absolutely blown away when we watched it. You really took your time to understand Paul & I as a couple and as you state, that really is an important factor when producing such a personal video such as a wedding. Can’t wait to see the highlight video and share it with all our friends and family! If you’re getting married and thinking of getting a videographer, Julian is your guy. He is a lovely person who really took the time to get to know Paul & I and gave us exactly what we wanted. 


How do you achieve a ‘Saville Row’ type Wedding Film?

  • Get to know the couple
  • Be creative
  • Look for personal details- photo’s letter things like these
  • Find out the couples ‘style’
  • Send theme a questionnaire to fill in before the wedding


Here is the 3 minute Trailer from Paul & Chantal’s Wedding:


For more info about Julian Voigt Wedding Films visit:  http://www.jujlianvoigtweddingfilms.co.uk