Scarlett & Matt

On the 21st of January I headed to Mitton Hall in Lancashire to Film the Wedding of Scarlett & Matt. It was one of the coldest days of the year

and as I drove to Mitton Hall in Clitheroe I could see all the fields and hills were white.  I decided to pull over the car and get out and get some shots of the

scenery and my second shooter Daniel driving there in his car had the same idea. We got some unique and beautiful shots, you can see them in the trailer here.

Scarlett & Matt are a lovely couple and it was a delight to film their wedding as the first of the 2023 season.

Like so many couples, covid has impacted their plans and Matt tells their story of how they met and the challenges they had to overcome over the past few years.

However,  all came together well for the two of them as their wedding day unfolded and both Scarlett & Matt celebrated with Joy their Marriage surrounded by

the close friends and their family.

Was great working alongside some amazing suppliers.



Second Shooter Daniel Illingworth:


Make Up: