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The value of a Memory


There is a saying that; ” Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory..”  This saying is so true!   How many special moments in our life do we wish we could get to re-live?  Myself and Ryan Williams a Photographer got together recently and we were talking about the value of what we do as a job in capturing people’s special moments in life.


The Cost of a Wedding and your priorities

When it comes to Weddings it’s true to say they are an expensive event, they say the average wedding costs around £30,000 and for a couple planning a wedding that is truly daunting no matter what your income!  I think expectations have no doubt changed over the years and couples ‘must haves’ on their wedding list have increased considerably.  I see this a lot as I film weddings for a living and I often think to myself would the couple’s wedding day have been any less special had they not opted for the chocolate fountain 😉

North West Wedding Videographer

One thing that becomes apparent as a Wedding Videographer based here in the North West of England is that having your wedding filmed is now becoming more desirable than it was say 10 years ago. That I believe is in part because Wedding Films in general have becomes more watchable-  what I mean by that is say 20 years ago a typical wedding video was about an hour long and consisted of mostly boring footage of guests walking about or people eating- not very inspiring!  Now with the advent of the Digital Revolution not only have cameras improved in helping capture Cinematic looking footage but also editing software has become more affordable and accessible enabling would be film makers to create truly professional looking videos.  So now the typical wedding film is around 20 minutes long but much more engaging to watch and much more movie like hence they appeal more to couples and have now come back into fashion.


Will this be your Biggest regret?

Having said all that I still hear the line that;  “Not having a wedding film was my biggest regret..”  Yes some couples allow their wedding budget to get swallowed up with so many things that by the time the budget is exhausted they no longer have enough funds in the pot to hire a wedding videographer and their Big Day comes and goes and they then echo the words above namely that they regret not having a wedding film.  Some things that are a high priority on the couples lists of ‘must haves’ are things like; The Dream Wedding Dress, The Flowers, that amazing cake-  and as important as those things are here’s the thing;  that dress is worn for one day, the cake gets eaten usually in one day, those flowers wilt after the wedding but the wedding film that they may have chosen to forgo could have been the very thing in helping them re-live their wedding day over and over again for years and years and hey maybe even be enjoyed by future children?  To me Videography and Photography are THE most important things to consider.  This is why myself and Ryan from RW Wedding Photography decided to get together and talk about the value of Photograph’s and Video for a couple planning to get married.  Some couples may decide to let a family friend who has a decent camera take their wedding photo’s and maybe get some video footage from someone’s smart phone but the question each and every couple should ask is; HOW do I want my Wedding day remembered?  Will some amateur photo’s really preserve those special moments? Will some Smart Phone video footage be something you will want to share with relatives and fiends that couldn’t make the wedding?

North West Wedding Photographer & Videographer Talk…

In comparison, the cost of having a professional Photographer and Videographer document your wedding is often less than the Dress & Cake put together and remember the Photographer will capture the Dress and the Cake creatively so that you can enjoy them forever!

Here is a 5 minute Video of Julian Voigt & Ryan Williams talking about the above:



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