Heaton House Farm Wedding

This Heaton House Farm Wedding was one of my first weddings out of lockdown, what an amazing wedding is was! Emily and Mike had an amazing day surrounded by thier close family and friends. The amazing staff at Heaton House Farm pulled out all the stops for this couple to ensure their day was just perfect! We had amazing weather and Emily & Mike’s friends and family were in a party mood!

Heaton House Farm is a lovely Cheshire countryside Wedding venue. I say Cheshire, only just, as it’s right on the stafforshire border. This lovely Family owned venue has been hosting weddings and marrying couples for over twenty five years! I have filmed a few weddings there over the years and this has to be one of my favourite venues. Heaton House Farm has been in fact a working farm here for almost 200 years. It was 1999 when they hosted their very first wedding.

Surrounded by rolling hills and stunning view across to three counties it really is a beautiful space in Cheshire for a couple to tie the knot.

Emily & Mike

What can I say abiout this fun loving couple.. well they were just amazing. They fully embraced thier special day and the emotions were fully flowing especially during the ceremony. As Emilie said in her speech; “there are no friends here, just family.  I love all of you like family..”  Those sentiments expressed by a tearful Emilie during her’s and Mikes speech summed up the feel of their day. It really was like one big family get together!

Mike is Polish and the Polish hospitality expressed even toward me the videographer was lovely, his family treated myself and ryan (the photographer) as if we were guests at the wedding. It was lovely! There was plenty of  love and vodka flowing and everyone really had a great time. It was so needed, especially after Emilie & Mike had to postpone thier wedding twice already due to lockdowns.  Now the day was finally here, they embraced it fully!

Emilie’s dad had passed away and so Steph emilies mum gave an emotional speech. It even made me tear up a bit while i was editing it, she gave such a beautiful speech. It made everyone a bit emotional. I got a great shot of emilie and her mum dancing in the morning during bride prep, it was obvious to me as an on looker that they had a great relationship.

Emilie & Mike’s Heaton House Wedding Videos

I feel I have reflected their day and personalitiesin their videos.  I tried especially to show that in thier short trailer which you can see in this post. If you’d like to see more of their heaton house farm wedding, then check out this longer wedding video:


Are you getting married at Heaton House Farm?

If you are getting married at Heaton House Farm have you thought about having a videographer? Having your day captured and edited in to a story-driven wedding film really is the best possible way to capture it.  Video distills those once in a lifetime emotions that you experience on your wedding day. Nothing captures and preserves those emotion like a video can? Photo’s are great, but video captures so much more; sounds, reactions the feel and vibe of your day and all those in between bits of the day, i call those the ‘Moments between the Moments..’

In fact I wrote a blog about it you can read that here:https://julianvoigtweddingfilms.co.uk/advice/moments/

If you are considering video and perhaps would like to have a chat about what’s involved, or you have some questions, then I would love to chat about your wedding day and how I could capture it in a way you want to remember forever.

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