I met with Shona & Lee about 8 weeks before their wedding at Eaves Hall and during the meeting I really got a sense of who they were as a couple. This to me is so important because if you do not get a sense of who a couple are together and as individuals then I don’t feel you can create a wedding film that will truly reflect them as a couple- this is a big reason if and when possible I like to meet up with my couples and if that is not possible at least have a FaceTime chat which is as easy as a phone call these days with, Skype, WhatsApp and FaceTime.



During my meeting with Lee & Shona it was obvious that family was really important to them and that their lives revolved around their kids. Also I could see that Lee (the groom) was himself a ‘big kid’ those are his words not mine- in fact during his vows – the personal vows he had wrote himself and was affirming to Shona he actually said;  ” I promise to never grow up…”   Lee told me that he wanted the wedding. film to be honest and true to how they are as a couple- to show his larger than life ‘big kid’ personality and to not be overly contrived.  I really do think this is important for us as wedding videographers because we might have it in mind to create a certain type of a film, perhaps one as a portfolio piece but essentially the wedding film should be about the couple and not us and that is one reason why each and every wedding film should be different, no two wedding films should ever be the same. Ofcourse we want our wedding films to look beautiful and reflect the type of work we want to be known for but I believe we can achieve both things;



1. A Film that captures the essence of a couple and their Big day

2. A film that is both beautiful to watch and reflects our style and approach as wedding film makers. Here is how I think that can be achieved in 3 simple steps:

  1. Get to know the couple, if not by a meeting at least by phone calls, Skype calls etc. Also devise a questionnaire that and ask the couple to fill in that will give you a feel for them and help build a picture about them as a couple and as individuals.
  2. Knowing something now about the couple look for those elements during the day of filming and make sure to isolate them in the edit but blend them tastefully with the rest of the footage
  3. Balance is so important, as a film maker we want to tell stories with our films and like all good stories there is an arc. This is where the action rises and falls or you might say where the emotion rises and falls, for example if we keep our films all about laughter and dancing then that would not be a true reflection or record of the day, what about the solemn moments? What about the nerves? What about those sad moments- perhaps absent family and friends? Yes all these elements are essential to creating a truly balanced film.


What I wanted to capture in Lee & Shona’s wedding film;  1. Lees larger than life ‘big kid’ personality and just how important family life was to Shona and Lee and what a great mum she was to her girls along with all the other elements I have just mentioned. Did I achieve my aim?

Judge for yourself by watching their eaves hall wedding video 1 minute instagram version here:


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