Eaves Hall Wedding Videographer

Eaves Hall Clitheroe

I had the delightful privilege of Filming my first wedding at the delightful Eaves Hall in Clitheroe. I say delightful for a number of reasons, firstly the venue itself is stunning and is happily likewise situated in a beautiful location in the stunning Ribble Valley. The other reason for my description of this wedding venue as ‘delightful’ is the very friendly and helpful staff on hand on the day. The team there at Eaves Hall I found to be both professional and friendly not always a combination the goes together but it certainly did here.

Filming a Wedding at a New Venue

When you are filming in a new wedding venue there is always a little bit of anxiety, firstly because you are not familiar with the layout but also who the wedding co-ordinators are on the day. I always make a point of getting to a new venues extra early aswell as doing my homework on the internet a week or so before the wedding. Even though Eaves Hall is certainly a grand structure the layout and the staff gave it a very small family friendly like feel which is exactly what you want on a wedding day. It was obvious the staff here loved what they do and they worked very hard to ensure that Shona & Lee’s wedding day went very smoothly and that they and their guests were well catered for- as a videographer watching people all day long you notice these things!

Shona & Lee

Shona & Lee were surrounded my a big group of family and friends all eager to share in the celebrations of the day and I think they chose the best place for that to happen- Eaves Hall. The kitchen staff made sure myself and the photography team were looked after my making sure we were all well fed- always a bonus when you are filming for well over 12 hours!

The decor was very elegant at Eaves Hall and I think this shows itself in the wedding video I produced there.

If you are getting married and looking for a stunning wedding venue that’s grand but that also has staff treat you like close friends and family, I think you’d be hard pressed to find many places better than Eaves Hall, and of course if you are looking for a wedding videographer for your wedding at Eaves Hall look no further than Julian Voigt Wedding Films to film your wedding!

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To see Shona & Lee’s Wedding Film Trailer you can watch it here:  https://youtu.be/Zu9hGsWx7S4