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Southwest Scotland

Last July I had the privelige of helping document Ashley & Chris’ Big day in Dalswinton just outside of Dumfries southwest Scotland.

I don’t know what it is, but just 35 miles over the English border and you know you are in Scotland- the scenery, the people and just the charm of the place lets you know that you are now in a different country.

Another Hot day!

July 14th was promising to be another hot day and I was anxious to get some early morning shots with the drone on the Dalswinton Estate before the sun came up too high in the sky and then everything begins to look a bit nuclear.

The Beautiful Dalswinton Estate

I found the Dalswinton Estate about twenty minutes outside of Dumfries. Surrounded by rolling Scottish countryside in Dumfries and Galloway, Dalswinton Estate is a stunning Wedding Venue for those looking for a some rural charm. About eight miles north of Dumfries,  the Dalswinton Estate is famous for its stunning gardens and it’s own Loch. Having got there taken a number of early morning drone shots and realised I was going to be spoilt for choice when I finally got the footage into my editing software.

The Dalswinton Estate even has their own small red tin Church where couples can choose to get married if they are looking for a religious ceremony and this little tin red church looks like it’s right out of ‘Little House on the Prairie.’  As you are driving along the single road towards the Dalswinton estate if you blinked you would probably miss it!

The Bride & Groom

Ashley the Bride,  a school teacher and avid horse rider looked beautiful in a very classy wedding dress, and Chris her fiancee’ looked very dapper in a traditional kilt and jacket though I could see he was struggling with the 25+ degrees plus temperatures in the woollen jacket and kilt,  but he did look very smart and complimented his Bride well!

I was very grateful that Cammy their photographer from Dumfries new the estate and area well and he took the couple along with myself to the Loch to get some amazing shots later in the day as the sun dropped in the sky, you can see the footage in the video I have linked here in this Blog.

What I thought was particularly charming was that just before the wedding ceremony was about to begin I had noticed some of the local folk from the houses near by came out and were stood over the road wanting to witness the arrival of the bride, one of them spoke with me asking for a card apparently she was involved with the local village hall and the community but it was so nice to sea the community interested in a local wedding.

The whole wedding was a charming affair and the evening band that played the couples favourite music crowned the evening with some great songs that got everyone on the dance floor again you can see this is the trailer of their wedding film which I have linked below.

Would I like to do more wedding videos in Dumfries and southwest Scotland? The answer is yes!  If you are getting married and looking to document your wedding in the absolute best possible way,  then please consider Julian Voigt Wedding Films for your wedding in Dumfries or Southwest Scotland.

Ashley & Chris’ wedding Film trailer: https://youtu.be/N-VRPtMikq0

My website: https://julianvoigtweddingfilms.co.uk

Photography by Hermera Visuals: https://www.hemeravisuals.co.uk