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Owen House Wedding Barn

Owen House Wedding Barn in the heart of rural Cheshire is a  family run venue, lovingly converted in 2013 the venue and the farm offer couples a totally exclusive, relaxed and unique countryside wedding.

It was this venue that Naomi & James chose to celebrate their marriage with the family and close friends last June.  A really nice venue with bags of character and some very attentive staff.  It was a swelteringly hot day so keeping my Sony A7sii camera

from overheating was a bit of a challenge as I did get the temperature warning on the screen a couple of time but swapping the batteries helped to cool it down thankfully.


Tell a story…

Naomi & James’ story was definitely one I had to incorporate into their wedding film as James told me that he had proposed in their favourite City New York- in fact they had a picture on their shelf commemorating the proposal in New York and this appears in the

film, take a look (I will post the link to the trailer at the end of this blog) James had took Naomi out for breakfast the morning he was planning to propose but was so nervous was that he couldn’t eat his breakfast, in fact he mentions this in the film. To James’ relief Naomi said yes and the plans started for their wedding.

I always try to find out a little something about the couples who’s wedding I film because I create my Wedding Videos with a story driven element in them- in my mind this makes them engaging to watch but more importantly personal to the couple, after all the wedding film. is really about them. One of the best ways to tell a story in a wedding film is for their to be a narrative that accompanies the images, this can be achieved a number of different ways, an interview with the groom as is the case in Naomi & James’ wedding video or by using some of the speeches or vows as somethings these will have elements about how the couple met, how he proposed.  Sometime a groom or a couple will not want to be interviewed for their wedding film and that’s perfectly fine too because I am strong believer in not making a couple do anything they do not want to do. As mentioned earlier there are other ways to tell their story in the wedding film. Other ways to tell a story visually without words is to look for photograph’s in the house when filming, or cards, letter etc. With regard to letter and cards be careful not to intrude on the couples privacy be revealing what is written in the card to letter- a simple  My Dear…. is sufficient.


Cheshire Wedding Videography


Cheshire is a beautiful county and one that I have had the privilege of visiting at least three time this year to film weddings. In my next Blog I will talk about Elly & Chris’ Wedding in Chester. If you are getting married in Cheshire and looking for a wedding Video then please give us a call as we would love to chat about how we can make a beautiful wedding film for you to be able to remember your special day forever. Contact us on 07516 783512.  Email:  web: