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This clip was from a Bartle Hall Wedding where the ceremony was outdoors.

Outdoor Weddings

One of the lovely things about wedding venues like Bartle Hall near Preston in Lancashire is that you can choose the option of an outdoor wedding. I had the privilege of shooting Hana and Stuart’s wedding

at Bartle Hall back in May and the weather was gorgeous and the couple had opted for an outdoor wedding. The way it’s set up at Battle Hall is that there is a small wooden out building which is registered for marriages

and the couples get married in that. Just in front of the out building is a patio area on which are two blocks of chairs for the guests to sit and witness the couples marriage. Because this is set back on the grounds just a little bit away from

the main building the effect is that you have a lovely quite space to conduct the wedding ceremony and you are sheltered by tall majestic trees hence you feel away from it all- no road noise or anything else for that matter other than the birds

which really does make for a lovely setting for a wedding!


The challenge for me as a videographer was making sure I was positioned correctly to capture the brides walk from the main building over to the area where the ceremony was to take place. This was a little different than a traditional set up say in a

room or church but given the space we had around the outbuilding and where the guests were sat we were able to get all the necessary shots we needed-  you can check out their wedding film trailer here:



There is something very natural about getting married outdoors I think, in fact wasn’t the first ever marriage performed outdoors when God brought Eve to Adam? Though not quite the Garden of Eden Battle Hall is a delightful setting for an outdoor wedding.

I also found the staff were very well organised on the day and Hana and starts wedding ceremony went very well and without any hitches. I also was very pleased with how the wedding film came out as were the couple as you can read their 5 star review here:

“… Julian has left me and my husband speechless after we viewed our wedding trailer for the first time. He captured the most meaningful parts of our day. We love every part of it and it’s something we can treasure forever.

We are shocked at how much of our day was documented as we didn’t even notice the cameras and the hard work he had put in to create this for us 😊 “


If you are a couple and looking for a venue to celebrate your marriage I can wholeheartedly recommend Bartle Hall as a wedding venue and if you are already getting married at Battle Hall and looking for a videographer to capture your wedding at Battle Hall then please consider

Julian Voigt Wedding Films as we create cinematic style wedding films that truly capture the beauty of your wedding day. For more wedding films please visits: