Offering a glimpse into a memorable Abbey House Hotel wedding experience

As a Wedding Videographer filming weddings all up and down the UK, I am always happy when I get to film weddings closer to home and at wedding venues I love- Abbey House Hotel in Cumbria being one such wedding venue.

Abbey House Hotel in Barrow is an elegant country house hotel nestled amidst landscaped gardens and overlooking the picturesque Furness Abbey. I think it offers couples a a luxury setting for their wedding but with a distinct intimate and friendly charm.

Having filmed many weddings there over the years, I have to say, it’s one of my favourite venues.

Storm ‘Elin’

As a Wedding Videographer filming weddings all year round, you have to be prepared for what the weather might throw at you. However, on December 9th 2023 I wasn’t quite prepared for storm ‘Elin’ which had made landfall in the Northwest. Driving to and from the venue was also tricky that day as the storm had brought down trees on the main routes to and from the venue.

As I drove to Abbey House Hotel , I could seen there were going to be some challenges dealing with the weather that day. By the time I had arrived at Abbey House it didn’t take long for me to realise that getting the drone in the air to capture a beautiful panoramic shot of Abbey House was not going to happen!

I had to content myself with ground level shots only that day.

How to film a Wedding when the weather is awful…

I have developed a philopsophy when it comes to filming weddings and it summed up in three words;  ‘lean into it’.

The idea being, capture what is happening in front of my camera and reflect the day as it was,  artistically of course ;)

This means not trying to make a rainly day look like a sunny day and visa versa.  I will often look for elements of the weather and incorporate those into the couple’s wedding films to give the wedding film a Documentary like feel.

Abbey House Weddings in winter are not a problem, even when the weather is really awful.  Abbey House’s ‘castle like’ structure certainly makes you feel safe and sound whatever the weather outside.

As a wedding videographer you have to be resourceful and adaptable.  If you can’t film outside for a while, or even at all, if the weather is that bad;  then you need to look for great locations inside to film the couple and the great thing about Abbey House Weddings is they can cater for that, there are some lovely nooks and crannies with nice light streaming in to film the couple.

I worked with Steve from Steve Hillman Weddings on that day, and he is a regular fixture at Abbey House,  so it was great just shadowing him as he knew where we could go to get some great shots. Thankfully though, we did manage to get outside for a short while which really helped!

Elise & Paul’s Wedding

Elise & Paul are such a lovely couple, typical ‘Cumbrians’ very friendly, easy going and no fuss!  They didn’t allow the storm howling outside to dampen their joy and excitement one little bit!

I arrived about 9.45am and got soacked just running from the car park with all my gear into the foyer. I dried off in the Gents using the blow hand drier. When coming out of the Gents, I noticed Paul and his son coming out of the bar restaurant area and I could see how happy and relaxed he was, not even aware (it seemed) of the storm howling outside! Just happy that the day had finally arrived!

Elise & Paul’s story is a lovely one. Both having been married before and with children they were a lot more laid back than many couples would typically be on thier wedding day. They had told me before the wedding,  that the main thing for them was; that everyone at thier wedding felt loved and had a great time celebrating with them.  That was defintely the vibe of the day for sure.

I don’t know what it is but Abbey House Weddings, they always seem to attract lovely couples that are down to earth, family orientated and just want to have a happy day.  That describes Elise & Paul.

The couple met online, and Paul said in his speech that thier first date in a coffee shop was like ‘love at first sight for him.’  He told how the weather on that day, was just as awful as had turned out for their wedding day!

But hey this is the North of England,  we are used to that!

Abbey House Weddings

There are some amazing wedding venues in Cumbria and the Lake District. Some couples are looking for cosy little venues that will cater to smaller numbers. Others perhaps, for much more grand venues with a luxury feel. I think Abbey House can offer a balance of both. The staff are great, they really look do after thier couples, and every detail seems to be meticulously cared for. Abbey House Weddings are a lovely affair.

Check out Elise & Paul’s Abbey House Wedding in this video below:

Are you getting married at Abbey House Hotel?

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