Planning a Luxury Wedding in Scotland?

Luxury Weddings in Scotland

I wrote this this article for anyone planning a Luxury Wedding in Scotland.   Also for anyone looking for a Scotland Luxury Wedding Videographer.  Furthermore,  I tell why I love filming weddings in Scotland.  I’ll highlight a few of the amazing luxury wedding venues I have had the pleasure to work at.  I will also mention some amazing wedding suppliers I have worked with too.

If you are looking for a Scotland Luxury Wedding Videographer you are in the right place.  I will share my experience of filming many luxury weddings in Scotland over the years. I will share also some of my recent work.

My Story…

My story.  I met and fell in love with the love of my life, my beautiful wife Katy in Scotland.  Fort William to be exact in 1990. Since that time Scotland has held a special place in our hearts.  It’s a place that continues to draw me back again and again.

There is something magical about Scotland. I don’t know if it’s the raw natural beauty and majestic landscape, or something else?  I think it is one of the most romantic places on earth. Why, you may wonder? Because it strips you bare, it reminds us all just how small we are.

I film Luxury Weddings & Elopements in Scotland at some amazing locations and venues. I have never gotten over what an amazing job I actually have, in capturing Incredible love stories amidst Incredible beauty.

Who gets married in Scotland?

The whole world! As a Scotland Luxury Wedding Videographer I film weddings of couples who have travelled from a far. Perhaps other parts of the UK, Europe or even the USA. Why do they choose Scotland? They choose Scotland because it is one of the most stunning places on earth. Dramatic mountains and glens glistening loch’s, rolling hills and dense woodlands.  Add to that, vast spaces of  unspoilt landscape and natural serenity.

Miles and miles of white sand beaches and unspoilt coastlines. Some of the best beaches in the UK are in bonny Scotland. Then there is the charm and friendliness of the Scottish people. Few places I have found make you feel as welcome as when you are in Scotland.  So these amongst other reasons, are why many couples are choosing Scotland for their Luxury Wedding.

Scottish Castles & Stately Homes

Scotland is famous for it castles and stately homes. The dramatic landscape in Scotland deserves such equally majestic castles and stately homes would you not agree? There are plenty to be had in Scotland.  Many of these also host a handful of weddings in the year and what a stunning fairytale backdrop they make for a Luxury wedding!

I have had the privilege to film at some amazing venues, a few I will mention here.  Perhaps you are looking for something not too grand, perhaps more cosy and intimate?  There are plenty of those too…

Hopetoun House.

You have to visit Hopetoun really to truly appreciate the scale and splendour of this Stately Home. Discover why this could be the perfect dream setting for your wedding day. Hopetoun weddings are unique and tailored to your exact requirements.  From the Event Manager to the Award winning Caterers you will be very well looked after.

Hopetoun is a very special place that has been the ancestral home of the Hope family for more than 300 years.  The Earl of Hopetoun lives in the house.  The 4th Marquess of Linlithgow (the head of the family and Lord Hopetoun’s father)  also lives on the Estate. The Hope family has a long and honourable record of service to crown and country.

The family origins are generally believed to date back to a John Hope, shown in the Edinburgh Burgess Rolls of 1516-1517 with the alias Petit Johnne, Trumpetour. Later he became a merchant and a Guildbrother: it is recorded that he had property in the High Street, Edinburgh and lands near Leith at Newhaven or Le Porte de Grace as it was then known. Hopetoun House thus limit the weddings they host each year, this is a special place and certainly not a wedding factory.

Want to take a look at Hopetoun House? Check out the short video below.  If you would like to learn more about Hopetoun, then here are some useful links for you:

Glenapp Castle.

Glenapp Castle has been selected as one of the most romantic venues in the UK by Harpers Baazar, truly a venue for a fairytale castle wedding. The Hotel is hidden away in 110 acres of private estate and a local woodland. From magical towers and turrets, and crenellations of Glenapp Castle greet as you approach up the tree-lined drive telling you immediately that this is a magnificent place for your special day.

At Glenapp they have their own in house wedding organiser and team and are dedicated to making sure every detail of your big day goes according to plan. They also work closely with a couple of amazing Independent Wedding Planners, thus if you are planning your wedding from Overseas, you can be sure either way you will be well cared for.

My impression of Glenapp is of a lavish wedding venue yes, but one that has an intimate feel. It has that get away from it all type of a feel, but oozes character and charm too. If you want to get a feel for Glenapp, then watch the video below, the shots from 15 seconds to 31 seconds features Glenapp Castle.

If you are looking for a venue like Glenapp please check out these useful links:

Weddings here:

Carlowrie Castle.

Callie & Joey from Arkansas USA dreamed of a destination wedding in Scotland.  The venue they chose was Carlowrie Castle just outside Edinburgh. I got to film their Wedding last year and we had an amazing two days with the couple. It had all been coordinated by excellent Wedding Planner, Coleen McKay.  If you are looking for a wedding planner, I couldn’t recommend better than Coleen McKay or Hannah Perry of Conifer events.

The couple were also looking for a Scotland Luxury Wedding Videographer to capture their dream wedding and thankfully they chose me. Everything went so smoothly and Callie & Joey felt like their dream wedding in Scotland had come true. I will link their Wedding Video below, It’s a lovely story.

Carlowrie Castle is a stunning wedding venue with character and style. Built in the Scottish Baronial style between 1852 and 1855  is on the outskirts of Kirkliston approximately 10 miles from Edinburgh. This stunning castle has belonged to  just two families; the Hutchison family, who had it built, and the Marshall family, who acquired it some 130 years later. Carlowrie Castle has a fairytale like appearance and quality to it, the beautifully manicured gardens are ideal for outdoor summer weddings.

Inside the castle they have managed to retain both the historic charm of the place while at the same same adding a touch of style. Carlowrie have a 17 person wedding team to ensure every wedding there is just perfect and that the couple and their friends and family are well catered for.. To learn more about Carlowrie Castle visit their website here:

Luxury Wedding & Elopement Videographer Scotland

Forget Iceland…

Many couples considering a destination wedding in a dramatic landscape might choose somewhere like Iceland. However, I feel a better choice might be Scotland?  Here are my 3 reasons for saying that;

Why You should choose Scotland

1) Scotland has some of the most breathtaking scenery and natural beauty on planet earth.  If you want towering mountains and valleys, you’ve got them. Do you want Forests and greenery, you’ve got them.  You want loch’s and glens you’ve got them too. Stunning white sandy unspoilt beeches, yep, you’ve got them also. In terms of a back drop for your Luxury Wedding, Scotland I think is hard to beat.

2) Amazing wedding venues is my second reason for recommending Scotland as a perfect choice for a  destination luxury wedding. As already mentioned above,  there are some truly outstanding wedding venues in Scotland to choose from, all with amazing wedding teams that are used to catering, not just for Luxury Weddings but also for Royalty.

3) My final reason for recommending Scotland as the perfect choice for your destination wedding, is the choice of amazing wedding suppliers that you can source here. I have had the privilege to work along side some amazing wedding people who will ensure your wedding in Scotland is just perfect.  Everything from amazing wedding planners to amazing photographers and caterers . You will find the best international cuisine,  with a Scottish flavour of course. While filming in Scotland I worked alongside some amazing Make Up Artists and Hair stylists.

Choosing a Videographer & Photographer

As a Scotland Luxury Wedding Videographer my aim to to tell the couple’s unique story.  The Wedding Film should be as unique as the two of you are.  I want to tell a story of the place the couple have chose to celebrate their love. So in my mind you have to include the surroundings, the culture and the flavour of the place. Choosing the right wedding videographer for your Scotland Wedding is a big decision. Why? Because they, along with your chosen photographer, will capture and immortalise your Scotland Wedding experience forever. They will help you remember and relive the experience, in the way it actually happened.

Make sure that the Videographer and Photographer you choose understand not only the local surroundings, but the two of you as a couple.  You have to make sure the videographer’s style and aesthetic marry with your personal vision for your wedding video. The same applies to your photographer also.

Here is a 1 minute montage from some Weddings and elopements and styled shoots I have been privileged to capture in Scotland:

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