A Wedding in Beautiful South West Scotland


Dumfries Wedding Videographer – Julian Voigt

Last July I had the privilege of Filming a Wedding in beautiful South West Scotland on the Dalswinton Estate.  It was a gorgeous July summer’s day and it was hot! Ashley and Chris has booked me for their wedding

which was taking place in a small red tin Church which is part of the Dalswinton Estate. They had booked me for my Full Feature package which consists of a. 3-4 minute highlights trailer, a 20-25 minute feature film,  a full version of their Wedding Ceremony film

and the full version of their speeches film.  This Blog is all about how I film and edit a Wedding Ceremony.


The Ceremony

I film Wedding Ceremonies with 2 Cameras-  one is static on a Tripod usually at the back of either the Church or  Ceremony Room and the other is on a Monopod that I have with me up at the front or wherever I choose to move around. The reason for the 2 camera set up is that I like to have more than one camera angle to choose from in the edit, let me explain why. Often the main focus of the wedding ceremony as was this one in Dumfries is the Bride- usually the videography will focus his main camera on her after all she is the main even, the walk of the bride down the aisle is what everyone is looking forward to right?  However apart from the Bride upon whom are all eyes there is also the Groom- his reaction to his Bride is priceless and that is something the couple will definitely  want to see. This is where the second camera on a tripod at the back really comes in handy and makes the wedding video in that it is this camera that captures the Grooms reaction.  In this Wedding Film that I shot in South West Scotland last July you can see the Bride walking down the aisle but you’ll see in the wedding video that it cuts to the Grooms reaction to his Bride walking down the aisle. This is the main reason why 2 cameras are vital when filming wedding videos.  Apart from the Bride and the Grooms reaction the second camera also allows me to capture the guests arriving, the coupe together saying their vows which it’s nice to cut from the front camera to the back camera in the edit, again you will see this in wedding video I have posted below.


The Audio

Audio is vital in the Ceremony Video because it captures those all important vows of the couple and the better the quality of the audio the better the wedding film. In fact I use multiple audio sources- namely 2 during the ceremony.  I use a cavalier mic and transmitter clipped to the groom and also a separate very slim audio recorder placed in the Grooms top pocket this gives me audio from 2 devices to play with in the edit and ensure that I have the very best quality because nothing ruins a wedding video like poor audio.  We at Julian Voigt Wedding Films strive to make our wedding videos as cinematic as possible and this requires at least 2 cameras and 2 or more audio sources. We want all our wedding films to capture the very best of  the days events including the ceremony and the set up for wedding ceremonies as exemplified in this Dumfries Wedding Video shot by Julian Voigt Wedding Films is such an example- take a look…


Dumfries and South West Scotland Wedding Videographer

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Here’s the Wedding Ceremony Video