Getting Hitched at the Lowry Theatre

Lowry Theatre Wedding Manchester.

The Lowry Theatre

On May the 4th this year (2019) I got to film my first ever wedding at the Iconic Lowry Theatre. Situated in the Media City in Salford and famous for it’s stunning panoramic views of Manchester and Salford I knew this was going to be a Wedding Film that was visually stunning! I had met with Kirsty & Sean a few months before their wedding to talk through their Big Day and it was apparent that choosing to celebrate their wedding at the Lowry Theatre had been a well thought out decision and that this venue meant something to them.

The Lowry Theatre an artistic venue that is the perfect backdrop to a creative life. This Award winning venue has a raw urban vibe with a strong link to Manchester’s artistic pedigree, not only remembering and celebrating the life of one of it’s famous sons LS Lowry, but the Film and Music culture that Manchester is now so famous for the world over. Oh and if you happen to be a Manchester United Fan, as was the groom Sean, you have the extra visual treat of a perfect view across the canal of the ‘Theatre of Dreams’ – Old Trafford. The couple that choose the Lowry for their Wedding venue not only get to exchange vows overlooking some of the most stunning views of the City but also overlooking Manchester’s famous ship canal. The Compass room right at the top of the Lowry Theatre has almost circular  panoramic views of the city a truly amazing vista to get married  in front of. On the day I was filming Kirsty & Sean’s wedding I really did feel spoilt for choice in terms of capturing amazing looking ‘B’roll shots to make Kirsty and Sean’s Wedding Film look truly cinematic, in fact I had to keep reminding myself to be filming the couple and their family and friends more than the surroundings!

As if I didn’t have enough great things to capture in Kirsty and Sean’s Wedding Film, when 8.30-9.00pm came around we were all treated to an amazing sunset perfectly visible from the panoramic vista the compass room provided- in fact this sunset created a gorgeous orange hue that bathed all the guest who were outside on the veranda talking in the sunset- you can see this in their wedding film trailer which I have linked in this blog.

Amazing Shots

After the sunset had given way to the blackness of night, Karen the photographer suggested we now take the couple over to the bridge spanning the canal that is illuminated with constantly changing coloured lights and get some amazing looking shots of Kirsty and Sean on the Bridge to really give their wedding photo’s and film that wow factor! So off we set. Karen got some amazing shots of the couple over the bridge illuminated red then purple and then green. I too managed to get some great clips of Kirsty and Sean in an embrace on the bridge. All in all this was an amazing venue for any couple to get married at and an absolute treat for photographers and videographers alike.

As a proud Mancunian myself, I absolutely love shooting weddings in and around Manchester and I have to say now having shot a few in this amazing city that The Lowry is certainly in my top 3 venues to shoot at period!

If you would like to watch their Wedding Video Trailer you can view that here:





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A lovely Couple

As a Wedding Videographer you always hope that the couple who’s wedding you are booked to film have what I like to call a ‘spark’ between them- a connection that you can capture on film and that was certainly evident between Kirsty & Sean!  That ‘spark’ isn’t something you as the videographer can create, no amount of skilful editing can produce that, so you hope and pray that the couple not only have that ‘spark’ but display it when you are filming them, let’s face who likes having a camera thrust in your face?  Kirsty and Sean allowed themselves to get lost in the moment to get lost in each other and the emotions they felt during their wedding were clear for all to see. The were so relaxed and happy on the day they I got some amazing shots of the two of them.  What tops all of that though is when you deliver the trailer to the couple in nervous anticipation of their response and they come back and tell you that they, and I quote;  “Loved Love LOVED it!!!..” that is the response every wedding videographer wants to hear, it what to me makes my job one of the most rewarding in the world and why I absolutely love what I do!



Wedding Videographer in Manchester

Wedding Videography is fast becoming a new art form in that Wedding Film are getting better and better. As cameras keep improving and editing software help make wedding films cinematic more couples are opting for a professional cinematic style wedding film maker at their weddings. With there being so many great wedding venues in and around Manchester and Cheshire it’s easy to create stunning looking films! If you are planning your Manchester Wedding and wanted to talk about how a creatively produced wedding film can help you remember your wedding the way you would like to remember it please get in touch:


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