Wedding in Liverpool

Liverpool an Iconic City


Last December I got the opportunity to Film a Wedding right in the heart of one of the UK’s most iconic City’s Liverpool.  The couple both from Liverpool had chosen to get married

right in the heart of City at the Hilton Hotel just opposite the Liverpool Docks.  They had also asked me if I could make sure to include in their wedding video some iconic landmarks of the City so that

their wedding video would have a distinct Liverpudlian flavour.  I must admit I love doing this sort of thing when filming a wedding because it really helps set the scene for where the wedding is taking place

and connects the couple to the City and the home that they love. It also helps with story telling too. For example Sam (the Groom) was a Big Everton Fan and Charlotte his fiancé had asked if I could find some image or nod to Everton Football club,

thankfully I found that while filming beside the Hilton Hotel I say a Banner with the words Live Life and the Everton Badge there next to it on the banner- result!  In fact when the trailer of their wedding video was shown to the

guests in the evening when that clip came on with the Everton badge there was a cheer went up in the audience!


Iconic Buildings and Landmarks in Liverpool

Liverpool is a City with a rich History and Culture and you can see that all around you. From the Liver Buildings with the distinct Liver Birds a top, to the Beatles museum and their statute on the dock all of which made it into Charlotte & Sam’s Wedding Video, which really made their wedding film A LIVERPOOL WEDDING VIDEO.  The Albert Dock area of Liverpool is full of reminders about Liverpool Ship Building past and heritage in fact the world most famous ship is linked with Liverpool as the White Star Line Offices were based there.


Liverpool Wedding Videographer

My approach to Wedding Videography is very much story based hence the reason I mentioned that I loved adding in Liverpool’s iconic landmarks in Charlotte and Sam’s Wedding Film- I love to tell a story with my wedding films and get those establishing shots of the place the couple have chosen to get married in- for Charlotte and Sam Liverpool was their home and they were proud Liverpudlians and I wanted that to come across in their wedding video. Have a look at their trailer I will post a link to it here and see if I had managed to achieve that aim.