Filming Weddings in the Northwest

This clip was from a Bartle Hall Wedding where the ceremony was outdoors.

Filming in the Northwest of England

I am proud to call myself a Northwest Wedding Videographer even through now I have been filming weddings going on for two years I am finding myself filming weddings all over the UK, London, Scotland and even abroad with my first

destination wedding booked for this June.  Still even though I am going further a field shooting wedding by far most of my enquiries and Bookings are coming from couples getting married here in the Northwest. In my last Blog about Northwest weddings

I mentioned some of the great wedding venues I have had the pleasure to film at and what my observations were as a wedding supplier working in these venues. I talked about Knowsley Hall in Prescot and just what an amazing venue that is!  In this Blog I would love to talk about another not quite as grand but equally charming wedding venue- Bartle Hall in Lea in the heart of Lancashire and the Northwest.


Bartle Hall Wedding

I have only filmed one wedding at Bartle Hall but since filming that wedding last year I have since booked another two wedding that are taking place at this lovely venue. One thing that stands out about Bartle Hall is the beautiful surroundings it’s set in nestled in the heart of the beautiful Lancashire countryside. The grounds are lovely and depending on when you are planning to get married they accommodate outdoor wedding on the grass in front a small dedicated wedding outbuilding. Hana and stuart got married there last summer and their wedding was a delight to film not just because the venue was so nice but also because the staff at Bartle Hall are so attentive and professional- they even ensured that myself, my assistant and the photographer were all fed well. In fact they ensured we got our meals well before the speeches which to be honest can often be a problem in that understandably the staff are busy attending to the wedding party and having then ensured they are al well fed and happy will then if they remember provide some food for the videographer and the photographer but often this happens just about the time they need to get set up for the speeches hence I rarely have the time to eat it hence these days I come prepared with my own pack lunch. Yet Bartle Hall had ensured we got fed not too long after the guests were served which ensured we could eat our meal and still be ready bin time for setting up for the speeches which was great! Hence I am now looking forward to filming two more wedding there this year.


The elements I looked to include in Hana and Stuarts Wedding film were, the beautiful surroundings for this Northwest Wedding namely the beautiful setting of Bartle Hall, the fun loving nature of the young couple getting married- Hana & Stuart. The beautiful building that is Bartle Hall with it’s tastefully decorated function room and the loving family that surrounded Hana and Stuart.  You can see if I manages to capture those things in their wedding film linked here: