Charlotte & Nathan’s Wedding / / Eaves Hall

eaves hall wedding video of Charlotte and Nathan

Truck of Love…

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When I met with Charlotte & Nathan for coffee to talk through their wedding day, Charlotte mentioned that her mum and dad were planning a surprise for her wedding day and that they’d be in touch with me because they wanted this ‘surprise’ to feature in

the wedding film. About 4 weeks before the wedding Charlotte’s mum got in touch and told me what the surprise was;  a truck!  Why a truck? Well, Charlottes Family business is that they are a Haulage firm based in Longridge with a fleet of trucks but soon to

add a brand new one to their line up-  ‘The Wedding Edition’ with matching wedding livery all dedicated to their Daughter Charlotte and her soon to be husband Nathan- one side of the truck said Charlotte Rich and the other side Mrs Harrison, this was not only a

surprise for charlotte’s wedding day but also the mode of transport that would take Charlotte from the Family home in Longridge to the Church and then to the wedding venue Eaves Hall near clitheroe.


Charlotte’s mum was keen to get this ‘Truck of Love’ in the wedding film, hence I decided that after the Church ceremony I would jump in the truck with Charlotte and Nathan and get some footage from inside the truck just to capture the whole feel of what was unlike

any other wedding I had filmed. After the truck went a few yards down the road I jumped out got in my car and followed the procession to Eaves Hall.


I couldn’t help notice as we weaved our way down some very narrow country lanes on our way to Eaves Hall, that often cars meeting us head on would gladly back up to allow this ‘Truck of Love’ to pass.  I also noticed many were beeping their horns and waving with smiles and

good wishes as the truck went past with the Bride & Groom sat proudly upfront.


When we arrived at Eaves Hall for the wedding reception the truck was proudly parked in front of the main building- ideal for photo’s and video shots.  I also managed to get a Drone shot of the couple walking up to the main house with the truck in the foreground all in all

quite spectacular.


I did mention to Charlotte Dad that they may find that they end up starting a whole new division to their Haulage business-  wedding trucks!


Other great suppliers on the day:


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