Beeston Manor Wedding

shot of couple in a field Beeston Manor Wedding.

 Beeston Manor

Set in the beautiful Lancashire Countryside in Hoghton you’ll find the lovely Beeston Manor. This family owned wedding venue is one of the best I have had the privilege to shoot a wedding at. Set in it’s own 140 acres this venue has a ‘get away from it all’  type of a feel which is great when you are looking for an intimate venue to celebrate your wedding with family and close friends.


Helpful Staff

As a wedding videographer it’s always a real plus to me when the staff at the venue you are filming are helpful and just as concerned as you are in making sure the couple are well looked after. Also, as a videographer it’s always handy when you are shown some great locations to get beautiful shots of the couple. Amy who is the general Manager at Beeston Manor helped create an opportunity to get some amazing shots that helped make the Steph & Tom’s wedding film look great, she took us to a field close by Beeston Manor which you can see that in the opening few shots of the wedding film trailer. So a big thanks Amy for her help finding that nice location! If you would like to check out Beeston Manor as a potential wedding venue I have included a link here;



The Couple

What can I say about Steph & Tom?  Talk about a good looking couple that didn’t hold back expressing their emotions. Steph and Tom were so easy going and were great to film.  Also they are a very forgiving couple too!  I say forgiving because a month or so before their wedding we had arranged to meet up for a coffee and to talk through their wedding, but I hadn’t banked on the fact it was a Bank Holiday weekend and add to that there were roadworks into Preston from where I live, hence I had them waiting for me in Costa Coffee while I was stuck in bumper to bumper traffic unable to move! I let them know and we had to re-arranged and they were so good about it but I felt awful.

Many Grooms I find don’t show their emotions easily- it’s a ‘man thing’- that doesn’t mean that these Grooms don’t feel those emotions say as they see their Bride walk down the aisle.  This was not the case with Tom, he showed his emotions in fact as he caught sight of Steph as she came down the aisle he could not hold back his tears and I managed to catch some of that in their wedding film- you can see it in thier trailer linked here. For me as a Wedding Film Maker I am always on the look out for emotions because capturing those in film will take the couple right back to how they were feeling in that moment and isn’t that what a wedding film is supposed to do?


The Celebrations

One of the best parts of the day for me from a videography point of view is the evening dancing- this is where the couple really get to let their hair down, so to speak, and enjoy themselves with their family and friends and it always makes great footage. Steph and Tom had hired a well known wedding entertainer- Alex Birtwell and he sang as they came to the dance floor for their first dance together as Man & Wife.  These were magical moments that I managed to capture in Film for Steph and Tom to be able to look back on for many years and for their little son Joshua to be able to watch as he grows up.


Real Wedding Films

My style of Wedding videography is very much about capturing real moments, what I mean by that is natural unforced or staged moments. I never ever ask a couple to act out a role or pose in a way that would make them feel uncomfortable or simply just wasn’t them, wasn’t their personality. I really do think that we Wedding Videographers and Wedding Photographers should be looking to capture the wedding day as it happens but of course with some creativity too. If you have found this Blog and are looking for Natural Real Wedding Videography please get in touch with me as I would love to talk about how we can capture your wedding day forever in a way that you want to remember it. You can watch Steph & Tom’s the trailer here:



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