Cabra Castle Wedding Videographer

We were looking for a Videographer like you…

Ali & Aisling were keen to capture their Cabra Castle Wedding in Video and were busy searching the internet for a Wedding Videographer that fitted the Aesthetic they had in mind for their wedding film.

After some frustration in finding a wedding videographer who’s films they liked and a a cost that met within their budget they finally found me.

After the initial enquiry when they learned I was available, and within their budget they both said; “We were looking for a videographer like you…”

How did you two meet?

We met at the Office, we worked in the same group and used to meet up after work occasionally for BBQ’s and get togethers.

We started working on the same project and I immediately noticed that Aisling was very chatty, she had lot’s of stories and I  found myself wanted to spend more and more time in her company.

One day I invited her to go out with me after work for coffee where she could tell me more of her stories, she talked for four hours and I listened for four hours and I talked for five minutes haha.

Tell us about the proposal, all the details.

I (Aisling) was coming to what I thought was the end of my time in Dubai having worked there for five years and was thinking of moving back home to Ireland.

Ali  knew this and was trying to scupper my plans by telling me how great a life I could have if I stayed in Dubai.

At this time I wasn’t that sure how serious our relationship was, but then Ali told me that he loved me and wanted me to stay.

Soon after that we started talking about getting married, then we told our families, which was quite nerve racking as we come from two different cultures.

We had an engagement party oh then, haha,  I (Ali) realised I hadn’t actually  proposed,  and so I proposed and she of course said yes.

Why did you guys choose Cabra Castle?

We decided to have two weddings, one in Ireland which was very important to Aisling and one in Dubai for my family.

Actually my family (Ali) have come here to Ireland to celebrate our wedding. This is a first for them coming to Ireland.

It’s great planning two weddings and we chose Cabra Castle because it is a luxury wedding venue with history, it dates back apparently to 1699, we don’t have many places like that in the Emirates.

The inside of the Castle is stunningly  beautiful, the fit and finish we felt would be the perfect backdrop for our Ireland wedding.

The Castle Honeymoon Suite even has its own grand fireplace, a huge four poster bed, and would you believe it, a  free-standing Victorian bath. We knew as soon as we stepped foot inside Cabra Castle that, for our wedding in Ireland, this was going to be the perfect place and it was!

Why did you choose me to be your Cabra Castle Wedding Videographer

We knew pretty much at the beginning of the planning process that we wanted a videographer. Video is important to both of us, but to be honest many of the wedding videos we saw online just didn’t fit with what we had in mind.

Then one afternoon me and Aisling were doing a Google search and we found you. We immediately fell in love with your films and thought that they were exactly what we were looking for.

Our Ideal Cabra Castle Wedding Videographer

Your films don’t look like many typical wedding videos, but more like real movies and we love the way you tell a story in your films through the use of narrative.

We saw that you were based in the UK, so initially we were worried that you might not travel to Ireland and secondly might be too expensive for us.

We can’t tell you how pleased we were after you replied to our email, saying you were available and would love to film our wedding in Ireland.

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