destination weddings in Italy

I have a great Job!

Without wanting to sound smug or anything like that,  but hey I have a great Job,  one I really love.  I get to film people on what is for many,  the most important

day of the lives. I get to travel all over the country and abroad to beautiful destinations and get paid well to do this, what’s not to love?   Destination Weddings are amongst

my favourite because in most cases you are guaranteed great weather and that makes a huge difference on someone’s wedding day for sure,  and also everything just looks more

beautiful in the sun!   Also, with destination weddings they are a little more relaxed,  in that you don’t have to cram all the filming in to one 12 hour day but by arriving a couple of days

before the wedding, it enables you to capture some establishing shots of the area and venue before the wedding day leaving you more time to focus on the couple on the actual day of the wedding.


Italy has to be up there for Destination Weddings

For a couple searching for a romantic destination to celebrate their love and get married, I think you’d be hard pressed to find somewhere better than Italy. Italy  just oozes charm and

sophistication, oh and romance- the gorgeous scenery, ancient Palazzos and the friendliest of people will all serve to create a wedding experience that will provide you with unforgettable memories that will last for a lifetime!

I am privileged to work with two great Wedding Planners in Italy who plan unique and stunning weddings for their clients in different parts of Italy,  and just recently I flew over to film in and around Santa Maria Di Castellabate

Filming some promotional Video content for ‘My Secret Italy’ a Destination Wedding Planning Service run by the amazing Julie Mckenzie.  Some of the venues Julie works with in and around Santa Maria are simply stunning, everything from the

Tori Perrotti by the coast in Santa Maria where weddings can take place enveloped by stunning coastal and mountain views, to the Palazzo Bel Monte the residence of the crowned Prince Angelo in a stunning historical

setting of a 600 year old Palace that is truly both grand and enchanting, creating an experience like no other.


While over in Italy just for five days I met up with Victoria Morris from ‘Sophisticated Weddings’ another Wedding Planner I have weddings organised through for next year, based over on the gorgeous Amalfi Coast.  Victoria like Julie

makes the well-being of her clients her number one priority in insuring a gorgeous weddings in amazing locations.  While chatting with both Julie and Victoria over coffee on the Amalfi Coast we were joined by Carmela from ‘Italy Wedding Celebrant’

she being Italian but raised in the UK is fluent in both languages and will look after the ceremony side of things for you, she is well connected in Italy in the Wedding Industry and will surely be someone you might want to connect with if you

are thinking of a Destination Wedding in Italy.  Which leads me to my next point; with so many restrictions at present in the UK on weddings, many are now thinking of getting married further a field, like abroad, like Italy!  Why wait another two years

to have a realistic number of wedding guests? like Italy right now allowing 60+ currently (as of October 2020) rather than the joy shatteringly low 15 (as of October 2020) currently allowed in the UK.  Hence the title of this Blog- ‘Destination Wedding in Italy?’

While over in Italy Filming at venues I put together this short video that not only reminds us just how beautiful Italy is but also just how beautiful the people are too!  Enjoy!


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