Widnes Wedding Video

Widnes Cheshire

The Northwest of England boast some beautiful counties and some amazing wedding venues and I have had the privilege of filming weddings in many of them. Whether it’s the beautiful county of Lancashire, Cheshire or

Cumbria and the Lake District we really are blessed to live in such a beautiful part of the country. If the weather is on our side- no always a given unfortunately then I know I can create a stunning wedding film for a couple given

the lovely countryside we have in the North of the UK.

I kicked off the 2019 Wedding season with a Wedding in Widnes Cheshire for a lovely couple, Jade & Andrew.  I have found doing this job now for a couple of years that a couple who are quite relaxed and allow themselves to enjoy their

wedding day also create some stunning memories in both photo and video. Being able to film a couple who are happy, laughing and enjoying themselves makes a videographer’s job so much easier. sometimes and understandably a couple can be anxious and even quite stressed on their Big day and while this is to be expected to some extent, my advice to all the couples I meet with before the Big Day is to simply relax and enjoy their wedding- after all it’s all about them! Jade and Andrew were a delight to film, they were both very relaxed and determined to enjoy their day.

                                                        Their Wedding in Widnes Cheshire was a lovely and everyone seemed relaxed and enjoyed themselves. Jade the Bride looked Gorgeous in a a very tasteful dress and her smile as she greeted Andrew by the Altar in the Church gave away her joy

On the day she and Andrew were to be married.  Andrew I noticed was like many Grooms awaiting his Bride a little anxious a rightly so marriage is a big step but in their wedding video I was able to capture his nervousness as he stood awaiting his Bride to

Begin her walk down the aisle. In fact I have included a snippet teaser video in this blog for you to see. It is only one minute long and designed to capture a moment from the day- in this case the pre-wedding happy nerves of the Bride and Groom hence I chose to

Make the 1 minute teaser video in Black & White to extra to the emotion in the shots and I chose some cello music to enhance the feeling in the film.  Now the usual trailer I deliver is not in Black & White (unless the client requests that) or has music that is as reflective as the music I

Chose for this video but it just helps me as the Film Maker tell the story which in this case is all about those happy pre-wedding nerves 🙂

I have Filmed quite a few weddings in Cheshire in 2018 and have a number booked in for 2019- in really does seem to be a popular choice of county for couples to get married in and I have to say it’s one of my favourite counties in the North West.


                                                                                                                            Here is their 1 minute teaser Wedding Video