In September I was asked at short notice to capture in a film, Rachael & Jonathan’s Wedding in Cheshire. The venue was a new one that is fast becoming a Cheshire wedding venue of choice with something quite different on offer, the venue is Duddon Mill Farm, a new wedding venue surrounded by gorgeous orchards and Cheshire farmland, truly a stunning back drop for Rachael & Jonathan Wedding.

Mark Williamson had asked me to shoot a short promo video for the new venue and we asked Rachael and Jonathan if they wouldn’t mind appearing in the film? They said sure and the date was set. However, Rachael & Jonathan looked at my films and even though they hadn’t originally planned for a videographer, asked if I would shoot their wedding and give them a Highlights Film- obviously I said yes and so after literally just landing the day before from Naples in Italy having shot a wedding over there, I was packing up my gear and heading into Cheshire.

It was a gorgeous sunny yet slightly cooler September day, in my mind, perfect weather and light for shooting a wedding. Rachael was getting ready literally next door to the Church they were getting married at, another plus for me in that there wasn’t too much travel involved. When I arrived at the address given there was no bride, no bridesmaids and I wondered if I had got the right address?  Then Rachael’s brother informed me that they were all at the Hairdressers and would soon be back. I got some shots of the surroundings and before long Rachael and her Bridesmaids arrived a little flustered as there wasn’t too much time till the ceremony to get make up done. Amazingly, the Bride and the all the Brides maids were ready in less than 2 hours – a little late but nothing out of the ordinary, as isn’t the Bride supposed to be a little late?  Jonathan the groom was waiting at the church with his Groomsmen very relaxed and unflustered and soon Rachael was ready and from the front of the Church where I and the Photographer were standing in readiness,  I could see through the door of the church and down the path the brilliant spectacle the was the gorgeous bride that Rachael was walking towards the Church, in fact I included some of those shots in their Highlights Film- enjoy!

Suppliers on the Day:

Venue: Duddon Mill Farm //

Photographer:  Will Fuller //

Videographer: Julian Voigt  //

Make Up Artist: Amanda Jones  //

Florist: Dream Weaver //

Caterers: Samuel James Events //

Cake: Sweet Elements