Wedding Videographer Cheshire

On the 8th of February this year- 2020- I headed out to shoot my first wedding video for the year in Cheshire, at Owen House Wedding Barn. This lovely and intimate venue is perfect for couples looking for something different from your traditional wedding venue. The rustic charm that Owen House Wedding Barn provides is not just a perfect venue for an intimate family orientated wedding but it’s also a great place to film a wedding video!  Why do I say that?  For a couple of reasons; one, you get to create a wedding film with an artistic feel to it capturing the couple in what is a unique and trendy venue. Secondly, they also now have this new amazing ‘Shooting Room’ – which is the perfect space for photographers and videographers to take a couple and get some shots against some great backdrops and which some amazing lighting. They even have a smoke machine, how cool is that! I don’t think I have filmed any weddings in Cheshire or elsewhere for that matter with a dedicated space like the ‘Shooting room’ that Owen House Wedding Barn have.


Cheshire the county to get married in…

Cheshire is fast becoming one of the most desirable counties to get married in. Now couples from counties further a field are choosing Cheshire and the amazing wedding venues that can be found there as the backdrop for their wedding. Last year I worked out that 65% of all the wedding I filmed were in Cheshire,  so this is definitely proving to be a ‘Hot Spot’ for weddings.


Jamie & Pierre’s Wedding…

Jamie and Pierre had contacted me at least a year before their wedding and asked if I was available for their Big Day and thankfully I was.  The weather forecast for that day wasn’t a good one and I was a bit anxious about how we would be able to get the couple, their family and guests outside for group shots, but I needn’t have worried as the weather wasn’t that bad after all, in fact we had some nice clear skies for the first have of the day,  though the winds picked up later in the afternoon, but by that time all the guests were safely inside. Another reason I needn’t have worried overly was the fact that Owen House Wedding Barn now have these amazing spaces inside that you can take couples with their families for group shots and then obviously the shooting room too.  I managed to include some of those shots in Jamie and Pierre’s Wedding film which you can watch here:



Enjoy this lovely Cheshire Wedding!