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Combermere Abbey

Early in 2019 I was contacted by Kathryn and Justin to see if I was available to be their Combermere Abbey Wedding Videographer at their Wedding on July 13th 2019  in Cheshire. I was keen to shoot this wedding as it was going to be an Anglo American affair at Combermere Abbey Wedding venue.

Kathryn and Justin both live in Atlanta in the US and wanted to bring all their family and close friends together to celebrate their marriage at Combermere Abbey.

From the USA to Cheshire

Why the trek I hear you ask? Well, Kathryn though now living in the US is from Cheshire and wanted to have a real English Wedding in one of the best counties in the UK for weddings, that would be Cheshire!

Also Combermere Abbey was the venue that the couple really liked and hence the date was set.  Thankfully

Being a  Combermere Abbey Wedding Videographer,  that covers Cheshire  and therefore very familiar with this county being from this neck of the woods I was keen to film their wedding at Combermere Abbey.

How would I describe Combermere Abbey?

Even though this venue is in Cheshire, it is also near the border of Shropshire and therefore took a little longer than usual to get there. Combermere Abbey a former Monastery dates back to around the 13th Century.

There is a lot of history tied up with this place. Little remains of the original monastery  buildings, although some remnants of medieval stonework from an arch are concealed in a cupboard in the house I hear, and pieces of carved stone have been found in the grounds.

The Old Monastery

The house, a grade I  listed building, incorporates a building from the west range of the monastery, generally considered to represent the Abbot’s House.

Acres of rolling parklands, walled gardens, ancient woodlands alongside characterful  Gothic architecture, restful waters and a breathtaking Edwardian Glasshouse where the Wedding Ceremonies are generally performed.

The Glasshouse & Maze

Kathryn &  Justin exchanged their vows in the Glasshouse.  Before you encounter the Glasshouse you have to navigate a small maze, which for me was a challenge; for one, I am hopeless when it comes to any sense of direction and also on the morning of the wedding I am also always in a bit of a rush, so the first time I came across this maze on my way to set up my tripods in the Glass House, I was somewhat frustrated trying to figure the maze out.

Getting stuck

I laughed to myself out loud when I finally realised that there is a simple route on the outskirts of the maze in order to bypass it hence making easier for people (like me) who do not relish the challenge of a maze. After figuring that out things were a lot easier.  The maze was great because after Kathryn & Justin’s Ceremony if was great fun watching and filming their guests as they tried to figure out the Maze.

The Grounds

Combermere Abbey overlooks a 143 acre Lake and is set in amongst some stunning countryside. There were certainly no shortage of places to take the couple to get some amazing video footage for their Combermere Abbey Wedding Video.

Thankfully we had great weather and a beautiful sunset to crown the day which looked amazing in their wedding film, see the above video. The wedding breakfast was situated in a purpose built structure overlooking the Gardens and was beautifully decorated and much to the approval of our American guests.

They decorated the tables with  a spectacular array of candles they created a beautiful atmosphere.

I found the staff to be helpful and overall the venue was certainly one of the best I filmed at all year.

Wedding Videographer a must a Combermere Abbey

OK, yes I am biased after all I am a wedding videographer. However, if you as a couple have chosen to celebrate your wedding in such beautiful surrounds as can be found at Combermere Abbey then having your day documented in a cinematic style wedding film seems to me the best possible way to capture it.

My Approach as a Combermere Abbey Wedding Videographer

The surrounding are amazing, have a look how they came out in Kathryn and Justin’s Combermere Abbey Wedding Video linked at the top of this post and hopefully you will see what I mean.  I can sum up my approach to wedding films in three  ways;

  1. Discreet.  I film in a very discreet unobtrusive manner, for a couple of reasons-  one, I don’t want to intrude on what is after all a wedding a very special and intimate moment between and man and women.  I also aim to capture natural real emotions and that often doesn’t happen if people become aware they are being filmed.
  2. Relaxed.  Because I want my films to be natural and real I film with a very relaxed style, I don’t force couples to do anything that they don’t feel comfortable doing. Again I don’t want to turn a wedding into a film set and the couple I am filming are not actors in a movie either.
  3. Creative. I like to think that my filming style is creative; in that I try to tell a story in my films about the couple, who they are and where they come from but also edit my films in such a way that keeps them engaging to watch.

Summing up…

If you are looking for a wedding venue in Cheshire I certainly think Combermere Abbey is an excellent choice and if you have already chosen Combermere Abbey as your Wedding venue and would like to document your special day in a cinematic style wedding film and are thinking of a Combermere Abbey Wedding Videographer, then please get in touch I would love to hear about your wedding.

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