A Wedding at Chester Town hall

The confetti shot at Chester Town Hall


I met Elly & Chris last spring  having spoke via email a few times about their wedding taking place that August 2018 in Chester. We all met up at the Trafford centre just outside of Manchester and I immediately felt at ease with Elly & Chris and Elly’s mum and dad as I could see how friendly and easy going they all were and that always makes videographers like myself feel at ease when you know that the couple who’s wedding day you will be documenting in film also feel at ease with you too . It’s very important to me and I am sure many other wedding videographers that we get on well with the couple and they feel happy with their choice of wedding videographer. Hence this is why to me it’s so important to meet up with the couple to get to know them a little before the wedding day.

I know we are living in an era of faceless communication via email, text and facebook messages but I still think nothing beats a face to face meeting and getting a sense of one another. For me as a Wedding Videographer this really does help me with the story telling element of film making.  You have to get a sense of the couple, their personalities, their likes and dislikes etc. I think the reason this is so important is that when you turn up on the wedding day and everyone is feeling a little anxious, that I at least know the couple and they feel relaxed with me filming them and feel that they know me and I am not just a stranger with a camera.



Elly & Chris had chosen Chester Town Hall as the venue for their Wedding Ceremony and this was for me the first time I had shot a wedding in Chester Town Hall.  A Grand Old Building in the middle of Chester that once you stop inside cannot fail to impress you with

not only it’s architecture but the fit and finish of the Building. The hall built was 1865 in banded pink and buff  sandstone with a grey-green slate roof. The building is nearly symmetrical, in ten bays and in the Gothic  style, applying features of late 13th-century Gothic Architecture to a modern use. One of the great features of Chester Town Hall is the stair and upper veranda. After the Ceremony had finished myself and the photographer Hayley arranged for all the guests to line up on the upper veranda with their confetti in hand, while the couple walked downstairs via a different route and then into the hall way via some other doors to be showered with confetti from above. I managed to capture this in their wedding video and the result looked stunning!  In fact if you would like to see the effects of this shot you can watch Elly & Chris’s Wedding Video trailer via the link at the bottom of this Blog.  The amazing staircase at Chester Town Hall allows the guests to shower the couple with confetti from above and this looks visually stunning, you can see this both in their wedding film trailer linked in this blog and in the image too.

Chester Town Hall is an iconic building and definitely a great place for couples looking for somethings different as a place to get married. Both myself and Hayley the photographer got some amazing images here.



Elly & Chris had chosen Eccleston Village Hall as the venue for their wedding reception and this was a delightful and charming backdrop for what was a relaxed family centred wedding.  The Hall had been very tastefully decorated and there was a summer fate feeling to the wedding reception with guests and children enjoying the beautiful open green spaces round about the village hall. Elly & Chris were very obliging in allowing both myself and the Photographer Hayley to exploit the beautiful surroundings by getting some lovely shots of the couple down some country lanes bathed in that golden summer dusk light, again you can see some of those shots in their wedding video posted below.   A beautiful Cheshire Wedding and a beautiful day!