A Perfect Wedding Day

Heaton House was the venue in Cheshire for Vanessa & Mike’s Wedding last August and it was a lovely venue with very attentive staff. It took me some time to find the venue as I hadn’t filmed a wedding before here but I always give myself plenty of extra time to ensure I don’t panic if I am struggling to find a place. I found it easy enough from putting the postcode in my Satnav.

Perfect Weather and light

It was a gorgeous warm August summer day and the plan was for the wedding to be an outdoor one as long as the weather held up and according to all available weather forecasts we looked at the weather was pretty much looking solid for a sunny day but with some predictions of possible showers late morning- as long as those showers didn’t arrive late or preferably not at all we would be good. It’s always a bit more stressful when you are not sure whether things will be moved about last minute because I work with multiple cameras 2-3 I need to place those cameras on tripod’s in the right places and ensure I have all the correct viewing angles needed. As large numbers of guest began to arrive I had to re-think my tripod placements as many of those guests were standing and blocking the rear shots. Being a wedding videographer you very much have to think on your feet and be prepared to be a quick change artist 🙂

Filming Bride Prep

Filming bride prep was really good at this venue because there were some big patio doors revealing not just natural light- always a bonus for a film maker, but also the beautiful surrounding Cheshire countryside ensuring that this Wedding Video would be a particularly pretty one! I love turning off the artificial lights and using the soft natural and flattering light especially during the bride prep because you want those shots in the wedding video to be very flattering to the bride and brides maids. I can honestly say having now produced that video this is one of my favourite wedding videos, not just because of the beautiful location in Cheshire but also because of the light on the day and those large patio doors ensuring some great footage during Bride prep.

There was some cloud but not too much so the light wasn’t too bright and harsh but just right, you can see this in Vanessa & Mike Wedding Film trailer, I will post a link at the bottom of the page so you can see what I about the light.

This wedding video filmed at Heaton House in Cheshire is one of my favourites for the reason’s mentioned above but also because there was an African theme in this wedding which made it very something different from your typical English wedding- the dancing alone was some of the best dancing I have ever seen at any wedding. Hence it is part of my Portfolio.

If you are getting married at Heaton House in Cheshire and looking for a wedding videographer then please get in touch for a quote- this is certainly a wedding venue I would be more than happy to film at again. Or, if you are getting married at any other venue in Cheshire for that matter please get in touch.Here is this Video