Amazing Cheshire Wedding Venue

I get to film at some amazing location in and around the UK, but this year I got to film at an amazing wedding venue in the heart of Cheshire that was special – Arley Hall.  Let me explain.

Carolyn & Nick a lovely couple from who live and work now in Hong Kong both as teachers wanted to have their wedding in Carolyn’s home county Cheshire and they decided to choose Arley Hall. I had never before actually filmed a wedding there before so this was a first for me but upon arriving at Arley I was immediately impresses and could see why Carolyn & Nick had chosen it as the venue to celebrate the marriage.

Currently the home of Lord & Lady Ashbrook Arley Hall has been in the family since the fifteenth century, the Jacobethan style architecture has attracted TV & Film production companies to Arley Hall to make it the set of some period Drama’s such as Peaky Blinders, The Antiques Road show, Evermoor and many others.  The furnishings and the character of the place provide an amazing backdrop to film a wedding and I remember the photographer and I took the Carolyn & Nick into the Library to get some couple portraits and shot and the end result was stunning I have to say.  In fact if you watch their trailer posted at the top of this article you will see what I mean.

The well kept and manicured gardens are delightful and a great place to take a couple for some beauty shots with the magnificent Arley Hall as the back drop.

Carolyn and Nick were such a laid back couple and so easy to film for a couple of reasons, they were a good looking couple but also happy to spend a little time with myself the photographer Jaime Vickerstaff as we posed them for some amazing shot in and around Arley Hall. When you are amongst such beautiful and characterful surroundings as these you have to make the most of it.

The staff at Arley Hall were great, very accommodating and attentive to the wedding party which is always a delight to see, you want you couple to be happy on their wedding day and Carolyn and Nick certainly were at Arley.

I definitely would recommend Arley Hall to couple in Cheshire or looking to get married in Cheshire, it’s an amazing venue that will make any wedding a special affair.

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