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Hi my name is Julian Voigt and I am an Award Winning Film Maker that is passionate about filming Weddings in beautiful County of Cheshire and beyond and I truly love what I do.

I have been involved in professional level Film production for about seven years now and my job has taken me all over the country and abroad filming some amazing weddings and capturing what is for most people one of the happiest days of their lives.

I was Awarded the Best Wedding Videographer Local Rounds (UK) by the IWAA (international wedding awards association) in 2019, I was also a finalist in the Guides For Brides UK awards also in 2019 and just recently I received a certificate from Real & Short Films for my participation in their programme which is all about creating real films that capture the true essence of people

I have filmed at some amazing wedding venues in and around the county of Cheshire and though I might be biased in saying this, but I truly think it has some of the very best wedding venues in the whole of the UK! In fact, Cheshire was last year one of the busiest counties for Weddings in the UK period.



When my couples show their wedding films to relatives that were at their wedding, they often reply; ‘I didn’t know you were having your wedding filmed!”  I love hearing that because it lets me know I did my job right.  My aim is to capture your wedding naturally without anyone really being aware that they are being filmed. I work alone and with a very small footprint. I am looking to capture natural and very real moments and you can only really achieve that when the people you are filming aren’t really aware that they are being filmed.

If I had to some up my style in 3 words those words would be -Emotional- Personal and Creative. To capture the very core of a couple, in my mind you have to engage on an emotional level with what you are doing.  The reason I say emotional, is that I am looking to capture the emotions that you and those closest to you will experience on your wedding day, often reactions and emotions expressed are missed by the couple getting married I look to capture those for you as a couple to be able to look back on and hence see things in your wedding film that you may not have seen on the day.

Personal; to me capturing a wedding is a very intimate thing.  Documenting the outward expression of a couple’s love for each other is something I genuinely feel very privileged to do and to me it’s important that the couple feel comfortable with me, hence I always like to get to know my couples a little before the wedding, in that way on the wedding day they feel much more relaxed with me there filming their Big Day.

If you are looking for a Wedding Videographer in Cheshire, then I would love to hear from you and perhaps I have already filmed a wedding at your chosen Cheshire wedding venue. Also please check out my films page to see how your wedding film could look

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