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Summing up what Wedding Film Making should be about…


If you are getting married,  taking 5 minutes to read this article

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Videographers try and get creative in thinking up ways to sell their Videography packages to couples planning a wedding.

They may play on the ‘fear of loss’ idea,  telling a couple that, if they don’t have a videographer present to film their wedding it will be their biggest regret afterwards.

Or they may focus on the positive,  by suggesting that having their wedding filmed will help them ‘re-live’ their wedding day over and over again!

There is an element of truth in  both claims, in that yes, many couples do regret not having had their wedding filmed but not every couple will feel this way.

Yes it’s true, being able to look at a wedding film of their big day will bring back many memories and emotions experienced on a day that often takes month’s if not years of planning,  but on the actual day, seems over no sooner than it has begun.

I think though there is a more compelling reason that a couple should consider having their wedding filmed and its this, –  The moments between the moments.

What do I mean?

Well, having filmed many weddings over the years I got to thinking about this, in that while I am there on the day as the videographer always anxious that I capture those BIG moments- you know ones, the first look of a father as he see’s his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time, or the walk of the Bride down the aisle- yes how many a little girl has day dreamed about that very moment when she would walk down the aisle.

It could be the cutting of the cake, yes you must capture that!

Moments between the moments…

A  couple on their wedding day are on show,  with all eyes on them,  often many couples feel a little self conscious.

Who of us likes to have everyone’s eyes on them?  Who of us, likes to be in the spotlight so to speak, few of us right?

Yet,  I have witnessed many times as I film weddings,  that couples do the things that they are often expected to do – the culturally  so-called norms- such as, the first kiss, the cake cutting and the first dance , don’t get me wrong these moments are important moments on a wedding day and most couples will want to relive them.

However, moments that are often overlooked and often to many couples, end up being much more valuable are those precious in between moments, when the couple are not on show and are simply being themselves relaxed in the moment enjoying themselves.

Natural moments of Human truth when they are not aware of eyes upon them or  even a camera man. (I often hide)

I’ve observed that these special moments are when the couple are together, say during some portrait shots or maybe just after.  Perhaps it’s when they are walking and talking about how the day has gone so far, or the Groom asks his Bride how her morning was, while getting ready.

It’s often when they are taken away for a short while from the crowd, in nature.

It’s a simple look or reaction between the couple, perhaps just after the ceremony,

It’s that moment when the couple feel like they are the only two people in the world, maybe communicating even without words just by a look, a glistening of the eyes, a smile a gesture.

I call these, pure moments of ‘human truth.’  not forced,  not coerced or contrived.  Simply just captured.

Many couples will not be thinking about these special little moments when they receive their wedding film some weeks after the wedding,  but it will certainly be the moments that they are talking about after watching their wedding film!

I know having heard this so many times from my lovely couples after they watched their wedding film.

That is was these special nuanced little moments, often forgotten about that bring home to the couple the real value of having chosen to have their wedding filmed.

I made a Montage film including some of these moment in between the moments

Watch this brief one and a half minute video.  There are no shots of the couple cutting the cake, not even the bride walking down the aisle.

Instead, you’ll see moments of a couple unaware of a myriad of eyes upon them and instead in the moment with just each other. A moment of Human truth… a moment they will look back on and yes, only they will know what they were feeling in that brief moment.


The moments in between moments are like hidden gems that take a well shot and edited wedding film to a whole new level and make a couple feel so glad they had it all captured forever.


So in conclusion, my advice is this,

Whether you plan on hiring a wedding filmmaker or not, make time during the wedding day for those special moments, and make sure your photographer

captures them.  If you are thinking of a videographer, then please get. in touch,  I would love to be your wedding videographer and capture those special moments large and small for you.


If you are in the process of planning a wedding, then this Blog Article I wrote – 7 Things Every Couple Planning a Wedding Should Now is a must read

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Watch this video entitled; ‘moments’  enjoy!