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3 Tips for the Speeches when planning your Wedding





If you are planning a Wedding no-doubt you are going to have speeches at your wedding sometime during the reception right? Well, after filming a lot of wedding speeches over the years I put together 3 Tips that I think if you follow them will not only ensure you get great speeches during your wedding but they will also look good in your Wedding Video and on your Photographs.


Tip No. 1

Try to have all those giving speeches at your wedding stand in the same place (roughly speaking) when delivering their speech. For example say you have 3 Speeches- The Father of the Bride, The Groom and The Best Man have them all seated on the top table. I have known of weddings where say the best man is sat at the other side of the room. If you can’t have all the speakers sat on the top table for whatever reason, at least have them come to the top table to stand in the same location as the other speakers are when he gives his speech. This makes the videographers job much easier and ensures he can then use his second camera (we films with 2) for the all important reactions. Also, all your guest will be looking toward the top table rather than somewhere else.


Tip No. 2

When planning your wedding day why not have the Speeches before the Wedding Breakfast rather than after if as so often happens. Why do I suggest this; well often I have observed that those giving a speech at a Wedding are understandably nervous. Therefore if they have to wait till the end of the meal before they give their speech they will often not enjoy their meal and be in a state of anxious suspense and that is a real shame for the Groom, the Father of the Bride and the Best man (made of honour) as the meal is such an important part of the Wedding day and should be enjoyed by everyone. I have noticed Fathers of the Bride, Grooms and Best men looking through their notes anxiously making adjustments during the meal and I think what a shame they should be enjoying this!

Also usually after a big meal (and some alcohol) we are not as mentally alert as we would be before we ate that meal, hence that makes it a little bit more difficult in remembering and delivery that speech.


Tip No. 3

Keep the speeches ‘Short & Sweet’  5-7 minutes each speech is perfectly adequate and in most cases your guest will thank you – especially if they haven’t yet eaten ;)   Also by not having the speeches run on too long that means you get to enjoy the other important aspects of your wedding day.


If you would like to see how we film and edit the speeches, you can view our trailers here:




Or to see a full Speeches Film example email me here: julianvoigt_23@hotmail.com and I’lll send you a link to some examples.